Well...you pick the stadium. Whether it may be cheering indigenous the 300 level the the United center or sitting front row at Joe louis Arena, this is the usual scene after any kind of goal is scored by a home team. 

Nothing is much more exciting in the sport than putting the rubber in the twine. While, the cheers and "high-fives" space ritual, the point becoming more remembered is the tune played adhering to that minute of success. 

Being a score or a win, fans have started to relate the tune played in their home stadium together one meaning success.

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Chelsea Dagger
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For fans, particularly in the west Conference, "Chelsea Dagger" has end up being a clip to a Chicago Blackhawks" celebration, while also serving as the Washington capitals parade tune at times.

The song was created by a group known as The Fratellis. Having actually zero relation to the video game of hockey itself, it usually boasts the typical night life of any kind of college party. 

One thing is for sure...when the likes of Patrick Kane and also Jonathan Toews light the lamp, very couple of can hold ago the hymn of: "Da, da, da... Da, da, da... Da, da, da, da, da, da, da!"

NY rangers Goal Song
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Madison Square Garden is graced with this practice goal tune that hopefully will certainly find much more speaker time this comes season.

Similar come Chelsea Dagger, it usually serves as a an excellent "YEAH!," "LETS GO!" chant.

When the Saints go Marching in
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While songs consistently are beginning to revolve roughly the brand-new age trend, the St. Luigi Blues proceed to rod to their old ways by blaring "When the Saints go Marching in" top top the organ.

While some might say this is the worst song, the opposing debate is for its initial mentality. Unfortunately, the consistency that the songs airtime lacks, so uneven the Blues find the urgency as soon as again the celebrating will certainly be minimal once again.

Hear the totality of the horn here: here.

Rock and Roll part 2
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While the track is widely provided by numerous teams in various ways, that is basic to know why. It brings out the excitement.

How can one not clap to the drums and also scream the single lyric the the song? 


Get ready for This
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Another song discovered on the Jock Jams track list, that is hard to leaving out one of the most played songs. Because that a CD released in 1995, the shelf-life seems to be limitless when there space fans clamoring to get up and also "move it."

Detroit fans will continue their craze once the lamp is lit this coming fall. 

Zombie Nation
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Perhaps the most used "in game" soundtrack, Zombie Nation provided fans with Kernkraft 400. The just intro brings the fans to your feet and the volume to a max!

With many much more out there, these are simply an insight to what is good about a hockey game. Some say the greatest seats one can have are on your couch, the actual capacity to live the video game is much from a truth unless if you take the chance to go to a game.

There is much more to a video game than the goals... The hits... And also the plays. The celebration of 20,000-plus pan jumping up and also down to show their support becomes mind-blowing when you actually suffer it.

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