The nearest airport come West Palm coast is West Palm Beach/Palm beach (PBI). Palm Tran operates a bus indigenous TURNAGE BLVD at PBI TRM to PARKER AVE at OLD OKEECHOBEE RD hourly. Tickets cost $3 and the trip takes 14 min. Alternatively, Brightline operates a train native MiamiCentral come West Palm beach every 4 hours. Tickets expense $12-$17 and also the trip takes 1h 13m.

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fort Lauderdale-Hollywood worldwide (FLL)

Airport/Rental automobile Center fort Lauderdale West Palm coast
want to know around travelling to West Palm Beach, FL, USA? We have actually put with each other a perform of the most typically asked questions from our users such as: What is the cheapest mode of transport?, What is the quickest option?, just how much do tickets generally cost? and also many more.

There is widespread community transmission globally.Some travel constraints may still it is in in ar within unified States. Because that the latest take trip status, please inspect the official page for joined States.

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The nearest airport to West Palm coast is West Palm Beach/Palm beach (PBI) Airport i beg your pardon is 3 mile away. Other nearby airports incorporate Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood international (FLL) (45.1 miles), Miami (MIA) (65.5 miles) and Ft. Myers (RSW) (106.5 miles).

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It bring away 14 min to obtain from West Palm beach to West Palm Beach/Palm beach (PBI) Airport.

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We recommend flying to West Palm Beach/Palm coast (PBI) Airport, i m sorry is 3 miles far from West Palm Beach. The heat 44 bus from West Palm Beach/Palm coast (PBI) to West Palm beach takes 14 min.

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There space 110+ hotels easily accessible in West Palm Beach. Prices start at $100USD every night.

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