If you’re wonder what to wear in Puerto Rico for her trip, look at no further. ~ spending time on the island (and sweat in jean shorts), I believed I would help you number out what to pack for Puerto Rico so the you don’t do the same mistakes ns did.

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Whether you’re to plan a completely beach-side vacation or you want to discover the island in full with hiking, swimming, and sightseeing in the city, this packing list will assist you reap your trip without too lot stress.

If you’re walking to it is in going to the beach and also exploring the cities, you’ll either want a backpack or a rolled backpack for her luggage.

I think gift able to choose it up on those sandy beaches and also haul the on your shoulders is SO much easier.

If it’s simply a common suitcase, friend may uncover that you room constantly picking it up to lift end bumpy sidewalks or getting it grounding on the sand. Simply my personal preference, though! load using the bag the you love to travel v most.


Weather in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a true tropic climate. This means that there room really only two seasons, wet and dry. The weather different slightly depending on what time of year you visit and also what area that the island you desire to explore.

The wet season is indigenous April come October and also the dry from November come March.

The hottest month the the year in Puerto Rico is June.

If you space going come be follow me the coastline during the summer months, you can expect temperature to range from 80 to 85 levels Fahrenheit (26-29 C).

If you are planning to head inland come the higher elevations, it will certainly be really humid, yet temperatures will certainly be a couple of degrees cooler.

The coolest month that the year is January, but I wouldn’t really contact it “cool,” due to the fact that temperatures still hover about 75 degrees during the day.

It walk drop at night and also there space lows recorded sometimes as low together 55 degrees Fahrenheit (13 C).

The dry season tends to it is in the busier time come visit the island, however it’s additionally the cooler time.

Keep this in mind and also if you are coming in the cooler months, load things the will store you warm at night. No require to lug a cloak or jeans, yet a slim sweater or lightweight trousers room a an excellent option because that dinner.

What to pack for Puerto Rico

What to Wear in Puerto Rico: because that the Beach

Trying to decide what come wear in Puerto Rico if you’re headed to the beach is pretty easy. You can pretty lot pack whatever you usually load for a coast vacation.

These are just some the my favorite brands and also places to discover my go-to coast stuff.

If many of your expedition will be invested in mountain Juan Puerto Rico, you’ll want to incorporate the city pack list through the beach packing list (obviously).

1. Shower Suits

If most days space going come be spent at the beach throughout your trip to Puerto Rico, I highly recommend pack at the very least three bathing suits. It permits you come balance any strappy tan lines, but additionally with how humid Puerto Rico is, it means you offer each one many of time come dry.

Usually in the evening, when I’ve come earlier from the beach ns rinse the shower suit the I’ve worn for the day. I’ll cave it to dried somewhere and while it’s normally dry the following day, occasionally it have the right to take a little longer come dry.

My present favorite bathing suits are actually native Amazon. I don’t love safety a ton of money on bathing suits since I get bored v them quickly and also want to buy new ones constantly.

The quality of this one-piece shower suits the I’ve been loving native Amazon are actually yes, really high and I LOVE the high waist and the amount of booty on show. I have it in black and just ordered it in navy blue.

I also recently purchased this high-waisted two-piece bathing suit from Amazon and have likewise loved that (strange tip: i wear the bottoms backward so the they’re higher waisted at the front and also a little cheekier in ~ the back).

Similarly, it mirrors a many booty, however with the high belt and higher chest coverage, i don’t psychic it for a good beach vacation.

My various other favorite shower suits room usually from Victoria Secret.

At the finish of every summer season, castle have an excellent sales on separates and that’s usually as soon as I pick up a great deal top top a shower suit.

It might seem strange, however I usually arrangement ahead through bathing suits since of just how expensive they are full price and buy increase a few bathing suits as quickly as the summer season ends.

Even if I’m no going come wear them because that 6 months or more, at least I’ll have a brand-new suit for my following trip the I gained for a much much better price.


hanging the end on Sherman Tanks in Culebra – a stunning island off of Puerto Rico

2. Sunscreen

Obviously, you should fill a sunscreen of your choice. There are plenty that Walgreens and also Walmarts almost everywhere San Juan and also other towns roughly Puerto Rico if you forget or you operation out.

If you’re going come be swimming in the sea and also especially if you arrangement to snorkel close to coral or with sea life, take into consideration using an all-natural sunscreen.

Using something choose zinc or invisible zinc from Neutragena isn’t the ideal for tanning due to the fact that it is a true block, however if you space going to it is in going right into the ocean it will protect you and every one of the wildlife in the water.

A couple of of my favorite organic sunscreens space this Badger sunscreen from Amazon and also this slim zinc from Neutrogena (you can pick it increase at any Walgreens/CVS/supermarket in the US).

As an included bonus these are far better for her skin and better for kids because they block the sun and also don’t have any chemicals in them.

3. Hat

I have dark brown hair (when I’m not dying that blonde) and it can get very hot in the sun, for this reason a cap is a should for me at the beach. You have the right to pick them up at most of the shops around San Juan, however if you desire something stylish that you can shift to city-wandering then lug your own.


A hat is a have to for what to wear in Puerto Rico! particularly if you uncover yourself out on the water!

4. Walking Sandals

I’m a huge fan of Rainbow Sandals.

They room pretty lot the just things I load when ns travel due to the fact that they come in cute styles, they space outrageously comfortable to walk in, and they are still just flip flops for this reason they’re an excellent for the beach. Review my full review that Rainbows here and also why I’ve to be a loyal wearer of them for 10+ years.

Or just purchase a pair the rainbows here.

If flip-flops aren’t your style, you might like Birkenstocks.

A most my girlfriend love these for the beach and also then lock can transition them quickly to wearing for traveling v cities and also even long walks. Friend can examine out the latest layouts of Birkenstocks here.

5. Cover-Ups and Dresses

When walk to and from the beach, you want something the covers you a bit and also is cute enough to wear to lunch.

I usually simply buy cute, flowy costume (like these from Macy’s, JCrew, and Tommy Bahama) and wear those as cover-ups because then I have the right to use them all day long and not feeling under-dressed if i head off the beach because that a coffee or having lunch at a cute cafe.

If you’re remaining at a resort whereby you’ll simply be walk from her room come the private pool or beach, you can be a little bit much more fun and also use cover-ups indigenous Victoria’s Secret.

I actually love put on over-sized men’s dress shirts as cover-ups once I’m no traveling far from the beach.

What to pack for Puerto Rico: for Hiking

When considering what come wear in Puerto Rico for hiking, there are a couple of things you’ll desire to know.

If you arrangement to head inland, specifically if you desire to carry out some hiking in El Yunque (which you should since it’s amazing), then these room a few things that i think you should fill for Puerto Rico.

1. Sturdy wade Shoes

I hiked El Yunque in sneakers and also it to be no difficulty at all.

I saw a couple of people in long boots, i m sorry I’m certain was great, yet if friend don’t have a pair or friend don’t want to fill them, climate don’t worry around it. Many of the courses in El Yunque space either planarization or have some kind of led or wooded pathway.

There room a few trails that haven’t reopened because the hurricane a couple of years ago, but the ones the are open are easily done in sneakers.

Just don’t wear flip-flops or shoes that you don’t desire to obtain dirty because there room some muddy job (though no water crossings). Any kind of sturdy pair of wade shoes will certainly do simply fine.


Hiking with the lush jungle in El Yunque nationwide Park in Puerto Rico

2. Bug Spray

Of every the places on the island, I gained the most mosquito bites in the jungles that El Yunque.

There’s simply so much moisture and humidity and also I went residence with an insect bites anywhere my legs and arms.

It concerned me slightly due to the fact that there room still a few cases the Zika being reported roughly Puerto Rico, however I’m okay.

That gift said, friend should definitely be packing bug spray to prevent this and if you room pregnant you will either desire to pack up the spray or avoid this component of the island altogether.

3. Backpack

My friend and also fellow Puerto Rico travel partner packed a tiny tiny backpack the folded out right into a full-sized bag and also I’m so happy she brought it.

We to be able to placed our water bottles, keys, wallets, and also sunscreen in over there to take v us for the entirety day of hiking.

I had actually my usual cross-body bag, however I regret very much bringing it because it acquired heavy and also it was so warm that the bag simply made me sweat therefore much.

I highly recommend a light-weight backpack that you can lug with you because that the day.

The foldable backpack the my friend lugged was comparable to this Zomake one ($15) and also this Outlander one ($18).


4. Recycle Water Bottle

I’m addicted to my Hydro Cell because it’s as great as every those an ext expensive steel ones yet it was fifty percent the price.

It gets really hot in the jungles the Puerto Rico (especially if you setup to hike in El Yunque) and you’ll desire to lug plenty that water due to the fact that there isn’t almost everywhere to fill up her bottle.

My friend and I kept a couple of larger gallon party of water in the stems (in a cooler) therefore that once we got back to the car with empty bottles we can fill them increase again without having actually to wait come reach people again.

5. Shorts

Wick-away sports-style shorts are a have to if you’re going to be hiking in the jungle. Ns wore jean shorts ~ above our an initial day and even though most of the hikes are reasonably easy, it’s just so humid the you don’t want any type of heavy fabrics poignant your skin at all.

My favorite sporting activities shorts room the Nike dry Tempo running shorts, which i wear for pretty much any kind of sporting task because ns think they’re fun and colorful and flattering ~ above my foot shape.

Any shorts the this style are what i recommend packing for Puerto Rico and also hiking in El Yunque.

6. Lightweight Shirts

The same goes for what shirts to wear if hiking in El Yunque. You desire something lightweight.

You desire something the if you start sweating (which you certainly will), then you will not be wringing the out when you get earlier to her car.

I wore a lightweight, an extremely light-colored cotton t-shirt (like these great tees from J.Crew) and also it was largely fine for my key day the hiking.

Wear points that aren’t tight-fitting because of the humidity.

I packed a couple of running tank-tops make of sweat-wicking material, but never ended up put on them due to the fact that the humidity was just too much.


What to Wear in Puerto Rico: because that the Cities

If you room going to it is in spending many of her time in Puerto Rico in san Juan just in towns and cities law the exploring, pack like you would certainly for any type of hot place. Think cute dresses, comfortable and also stylish walking shoes, and also lots that colors.

This is what you should wear in Puerto Rico if you plan to spend many of your time in san Juan.

1. Stylish Comfortable walking Shoes

This is whereby Birkenstocks success out for me.

If you want shoes that you have the right to walk in all day the still look at cute with a dress for a nicer dinner, climate Birkenstocks will make all the holidays transitions the you need them to.

If girlfriend opt for a white or irradiate neutral color, they’ll go v pretty much anything you pack.

2. Lightweight Dresses and Skirts

I’ve currently linked come a bunch of cute dresses above.

I recommend doing part shopping while you’re in Puerto Rico. I particularly loved the boutique shop in Boqueron and Old mountain Juan wherein you can uncover seriously gorgeous linen costume in bright colors for an extremely low price (plus you support local small businesses!).

If friend don’t setup on doing any type of shopping in Puerto Rico, climate simply pack all the linen and also lightweight cotton.

3. Irradiate Colored Shirts

While I’m a big supporter the linen and also other lightweight fabrics as soon as you’re in hot places, other I only learned recently is the various light colors make once you space in an extremely sunny areas like Puerto Rico.

Not only do they present less sweat, however they store you cooler. I commonly go because that cream and white colors, yet if i can discover a light shade of pink or purple, I’ll go through that too.

The good thing about light neutrals like white and also cream is the you can pair lock with colorful shorts and skirts so that you don’t feel like your outfit is completely boring.

Most of mine days in san Juan were spent wearing linen shirts, jean shorts, and a an extremely colorful bag.


4. Comfortable Shorts

My favorite form of shorts room old jeans that I’ve turned right into shorts. I’ve been loving really loose-fitting jean shorts at the minute and also they functioned perfectly for enjoying mine travels roughly San Juan.

5. Job Bag

For me, once it involves a an excellent travel purse i think the enlarge the much better so that it fits all the things I want to carry out for the day and all the points I buy throughout the day. No everyone agrees with this sentiment.

If you only want a tiny day bag my favorite travel bags space cross-body slimline style bags like these Coach bags.

I likewise love the backpacks are mostly back in fashion and also I LOVE the bumbags/fanny packs are earlier in style. If you just want to take her phone and also some cash out v you, definitely pick up a funny fanny pack to take through you on your Puerto Rico trip.

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Some stylish backpacks that ns love using for day bags room the Herschel heritage bag and the Fjallraven bags in fun colors.