More than 10 year after it very first came come TV (and virtually six because it concluded), fantasy TV collection Merlin still has a many fans – just ask former star Eoin Macken, who played knight of the round Table Gwaine in the BBC drama.

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“People questioning me around it all the time actually,” Macken said “Merlin’s among those reflects that i think a lot of of human being revisit. There’s a kind of network and also group of human being who have actually been an extremely loyal come it.”

And the show still plainly means a lot to the actors as well, with Macken revealing that he and also his other Knights the the round Table (including King Arthur actor Bradley James, Rupert Young, Adetomiwa Edun and Game the Thrones’ Tom Hopper) regularly satisfy up to reminisce around their ring table days, also all this years later.

“I’m gonna meet 4 of the males from Merlin ~ above lunch now actually, funnily enough,” Macken told us. “I’m tho friends with a the majority of the males on the show.

“I’m only in London for a couple of days so we’re going come come here and have coffee, all from Merlin.

“It’s just Tomiwa, Tom Hopper, Rupert and also Bradley. That’s a an extremely weird coincidence that you’ve asked around that simply as that happening.”

Macken, who currently stars in sci-fi horror collection Nightflyers ~ above Netflix, likewise credited his new streaming company home for the renewal in Merlin’s popularity, arguing that plenty of fans were finding it for the first time online.

“It’s funny come mention since I’m currently on a Netflix show – however I think Merlin’s had an extra breath the life since it went on Netflix,” the said.

“It’s one of those mirrors that fits top top Netflix an extremely well, and got an also bigger audience.

“I understand we had actually a huge audience, however it gained an even bigger audience, and also a new lease that life by walking on Netflix.”

And that knows? In a couple of years, there might be one more generation of fans still being presented to the people of Merlin. Magic.

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Nightflyers collection one streams ~ above Netflix UK from Friday 1st February


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