Macbeth, Banquo, and Macduff space three personalities in Shakespears tragedy, Macbeth. This three personalities have part similarities, but ultimately are very different in the choices and decisions castle make, and also all pat a different function in this play. Macbeth is one ambitious Thane who lets his greed and thirst for power overcome his loyalty. Banquo theatre a neutral role; that is loyal yet capable of some evil. Macduff is a strong, selfless personality whose first priority is the an excellent of Scotland.

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All three characters have different beliefs and are fighting for various things; your choices adjust them and also make castle all have actually a different title, hero, or villain. Macbeth is the key character in the pat who appears to make all the wrong decisions, that is ambitious, thirsty for power, and also ultimately, evil. Macbeth is a really unique character, the point that differentiates the many from the other personalities is the lot of ambitious he has. The key ambition the we see is his ambition to end up being the king that Scotland, that wants more than noþeles to come to be king and also will do anything to acquire there.

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He very first kills the king therefore he can obtain the throne, and also then kills his best friend come make certain he i will not ~ tell. Most human being don’t have actually heart or dedication come go v with something therefore evil and also would no be willing to do the points he did, it simply shows how bad he actually wanted the throne. Macbeths thirsty for strength was carried on by the witches and there prophecies, and also ultimately they eliminated the king.

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If the witches never told Macbeth the it to be fate for him to it is in king, he never would have actually thought of death the king, or any type of of the other civilization he murdered.

Once he obtained the hope of coming to be king in his head he couldn’t acquire it out, and also with a press from his mam he went through with it, and took every step necessary. Throughout the pat Macbeth gets an ext and more evil and also eventually friend think the him as the villain of the play. He ended up being the villain when he killed the king, and then got more evil as soon as he killed his best friend Banquo, and reached his peak as soon as he murdered Macduff’s wife and also child. Macbeth do many negative decisions and also ended increase fighting to keep his place of king, no letting anything obtain in his way.

Banquo is a very different personality from both Macbeth and Macduff with very different beliefs and also priorities. Banquo is portrayed as a neutral character, not a hero or a villain; he drops right in between the two. That is considered neutral because he doesn’t perform anything to directly hurt anyone prefer Macbeth, yet his selfishness indirectly reasons many avoidable deaths. Banquo is a strong believer of fate for this reason he doesn’t disclose the truth around Macbeth murdering the king come anyone; he cares more about the well being of himself 보다 the an excellent of Scotland which is whereby he gets his evil.

Banquo is naive and ultimately expected no harm, he just wanted success for his kid, and I believe that if Banquo can see the turnout that the totality play he would have actually done the best thing and stopped Macbeth as soon as he could. Back Banquo is selfish, that is nowhere close to the level of angry of Macbeth, and also he never meant any harm to anyone, because that these reasons he is not a hero or a villain, just neutral. Macduff is illustrated as the many heroic and also noble personality in the play Macbeth, who at some point saves Scotland.

Macduff is a thane, and unlike Macbeth and Banquo, his very first priority is the great of Scotland. Macduff’s selflessness, love, and also pride because that his country are what do him to it is in the hero that the play. Macduff to be the an initial person to take a stand against Macbeth; this is since everyone else was scared the Macbeth and also what he would certainly do. I feel Macduff knew going to England to kind a rebellion would certainly have results but knew that something had actually to it is in done around Scotland’s tyrant.

Forming his rebellion in England caused the victory against Macbeth, but also the fatality of Macduff’s wife and son. Every decision the Macduff provides throughout the beat is very selfless and is because that a bigger photo instead of an individual gain prefer Banwuo and also Macbeth, the is fighting because that freedom. These displays of pride and also love for his country are all factors why Macduff is the hero that the play. Macbeth, Banquo and also Macduff space all very different and all play very different roles. Macbeth allows his thirst because that power influence a collection of crimes and murders which make him the villain.

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Banquo is naive character whose selfishness indirectly leads to countless preventable deaths, the never directly does something to injury or hurt anyone therefore he is a neutral role in the play. Macduff’s pride and also selflessness provides him take it a stand versus Scotland’s tyrant rule leaving his an individual life behind, this provides him the hero that the play. In an introduction I have actually tried to describe the 3 main characters in Shakespeare’s Macbeth and also how castle define and characterize themselves transparent the play. Every character has actually strengths and weaknesses yet ultimately room all commodities of the selections they make and also are characterized by them.

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