Unix-like computer system operating system, Linux days its history to 1991, once Linus Torvalds introduced the Linux kernel, which became the basic of the operation system. The company’s official mascot is a stylized penguin called Tux. Although yes a standardized straightforward version of this emblem, in fact the penguin may appear in various styles.

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Meaning and history


If you desire a customized Tux, you may purchase a empty toy and also hand repaint it to your taste. The penguin was adapted to a toy, i m sorry was named Gwin, by October Toys. There space several limited series produced by various artists

1996 – Today

The discussion around creating a mascot for Linux began at the beginning of 1996. There were rather a couple of suggestions, few of them being in reality parodies of various other IT logos. An extremely soon Linus Torvalds, the creator that the specifying component that Linux, mentioned that he favored penguins, in general. Also, he pointed out that he was bitten through a penguin during his continue to be in Australia.

The earliest version of the logo design was designed by Larry Ewing in 1996. Interestingly enough, the firm held 3 competitions because that a Linux logo, but the one produced by Larry Ewing won none the them. However, it was this emblem that became the that company mascot.

2005 – 2008

The Linux logo design from 2005 continued to be with the OS for simply three years and was a fun caricature top top the initial three-dimensional penguin. The brand-new animal was drawn in a circular shape and had that true enlarged and also crossed. The Linux Penguin looked together if the was working in indigenous of the computer for days, not also hours.

2008 – Today

The redesign of 2008 polished the picture from 2005, including some much more realistic shape to the circular Penguin body and also some glance in ~ its texture. The emblem native 2007, i beg your pardon is still supplied by Linux today, is miscellaneous in between the original emblem native the 1990s and the caricature one indigenous 2005.



The Linux symbol is a stylized penguin, with its feet turned to the viewer. Tux has rather large round eyes and a trusted “smile”. It may be pull on or depicted in a variety of ways, depending on context.



There room at the very least two explanations why the emblem is dubbed Tux. James Hughes, that is thought to it is in the first to use this name, claimed that it to be an abbreviation because that “(T)orvalds (U)ni(X)”. Yet, many people consider that it is simply a quick word for “tuxedo”, as penguins may look as if they space “dressed” in this kind of clothing.

The wordmark is offered in a customized serif font. The initial letter is capital, while every the various other letters are not capitalized. However, us should suggest out that the wordmark is not vital part the the Linux logo: it have the right to consist the the Tux only, without any type of inscriptions.

There is a word for a tattoo portraying the Linux penguin (“Tuxtoo”)


The emblem offers a combination of yellow, black, and also white. Several of the meanings attributed to this colors by psychologists incorporate happiness, intelligence, and enthusiasm..

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There are practically 20 species of penguin, and Tux belonging to no of them. His closest “relative” is one Adelie penguin

What is Linux?Linux is the surname of one of the most widely supplied operating systems, i m sorry was developed at the start of the 1990s. The OS is open-source, which method it is easily accessible for anyone. Linux is provided by many contemporary devices and gadgets and is likewise loved by hackers.