A strange series of coincidences convinces Quinn the she has a guardian point of view looking the end for her, and Brittany"s parents litter a party to celebrate she grades.

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When a kitchen fire does damage to the Morgendorffer home, the family goes come an high value hotel while Daria remains with Jane and also Trent at your house.

Tensions between Jane and also Daria pertained to a head when Daria realizes that her feelings for Tom can be more complicated than she"d ever expected.

After Lawndale High gets roped right into a marketing scheme as a result of school spending plan cuts, Ms. Li gets in over she head, and Daria take away a stand.

Daria concerns her relationship with Tom as their six-month anniversary approaches, and Jake pursues a brand-new career with an net start-up.

The management of the Fashion Club encounters a shake-up, Daria and Jane make friendly wagers on your classmates and also teachers, and Quinn helps Sandi acquire into shape.
Daria and also Quinn attend a camp reunion, Trent does some soul-searching, and also Jake and also Helen air your grievances while cleaning the garage.
Quinn and also the Fashion society look for means to do a difference, and Daria feels self-conscious as soon as she considers submitting a story to a publication.
A teachers" strike in ~ Lawndale High outcomes in Daria instructing Quinn"s English class, and teachers turn to Trent and also Jane for creative advice.
Jane tries come raise money by marketing artwork, Trent has actually a hard time delegating, and also the Fashion Club looks for legal counsel.
Daria feeling apprehensive around inviting Tom to a dinner with her parents, and also Quinn has actually unrealistic expectations when she decides she wants a steady boyfriend.
Daria and also Jane"s friendship is tested when Jane dates an opinionated male with a love for whatever vintage, and also Upchuck do the efforts his hand in ~ magic.
Helen agrees to help her niece v her divorce, Jake leaves house to escape Helen and Aunt Rita"s bickering, Daria avoids Tom, and also Stacy and also Tiffany face a fashion dilemma.
Daria has actually mixed feelings when she uses for a scholarship sponsored by a company known for unethical service practices, and Jane resents the scholarship process.
Rumors swirl at Lawndale High once Tom accidentally security the night at Daria"s house, Jake faces a clinical issue, and Daria considers acquisition her partnership to a new level.
The shipment of the family"s new refrigerator stirs up repressed childhood memories because that Daria and also leads to a much-needed talk v her parents.
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Sebastian Maniscalco walk his best to discover the vital names because that the 2019 VMAs before he master on august 26, but he"s got a long way to go.

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