Have you ever woken up in the morning and wondered if the rained overnight because the grass to be so wet? periodically it isn't rain in ~ all, however dew that leaves the grass damp.

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Dew is moisture the forms due to the fact that of condensation. Condensation occurs when water vapor — the gas form of water — turns right into water in its fluid form. Right now of year, dew is just as most likely as rain to it is in the factor for wet grass in the morning, yet whether it develops at all is concerned the weather overnight.

The dew us see and feel on the grass in the morning is linked to how cloudy the sky was the night before. When the sky is clear or largely clear overnight, the floor cools, and also warm waiting radiates up towards the sky. If the floor cools enough, dew creates on the grass. As soon as it's cloudy overnight, the floor retains more of its heat, and not as much is radiated up to the sky. The warm that walk radiate turn off the soil is reflected back toward Earth's surface as soon as it access time the clouds in the sky. This means dew is much less likely come form.

Basically, dew is most most likely in the morning adhering to a warm, clear day the led right into a cooler night v clear skies. The existence of dew top top the morning grass — or lack thereof — has also led come a saying about what it method for the day's weather. "When dew is ~ above the grass, rain will certainly never involved pass. When grass is dry at morning light, look for rain prior to the night," is exactly how the saying goes. 

There's some truth to the saying, but it is not a foolproof way to predict the weather. Dried grass in the morning usually method it's one of two people cloudy or windy, i m sorry can also mean rain may be on the way. A clear night method dew is much more likely top top the grass, but it's additionally an indicator the a rain-free day ahead.

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If you’ve ever watched the weather report on the TV news, you've more than likely heard meteorologists talk about the dew suggest and what it means for exactly how pleasant the weather will be. The dew allude is the temperature at which dew will certainly form. The dew point varies from day to day depending on factors such together air temperature, time the day and also location.

The dew allude and humidity space related. The dew allude is the temperature air requirements to be cooled to for the humidity to be 100%. In ~ the dew point, the waiting cannot host any an ext water in the kind of water vapor. Any type of increase in moisture in the air will certainly be as water in its liquid form, either as fog or rain. 

Humidity is not constantly a good indicator of exactly how comfortable it will be outside, but the dew suggest is. In general, if the dew allude is 55 or lower, the air will certainly feel dry, make it feeling comfortable outside. Dew points in between 55 and 65 average the air will feel a little humid and also muggy, particularly in the evenings. Dew points of 65 or higher mean there's a many moisture in the air, making it feel really humid. Dew points in the 70s space those oppressively humid work we endure every summer in northern Illinois.