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Greg Heffley

This is the main character and narrator that the novel. He has actually an older and also a younger brother.

Susan Heffley

This character is married and she has actually three sons.

Frank Heffley

This character is married and also he has three sons.

Rodrick Heffley

This character has actually two younger brothers. His room is in the basement till the basement floods.

Manny Heffley

This character has two larger brothers. The throws tantrums when he go not gain his way.

Rowley Jefferson

This personality is a girlfriend to the main character. He is good-hearted, but absent-minded.

Vice major Roy

This character is a institution official.

Dennis Root

This personality is the just bully in ~ the center school. He is the worst troublemaker at the school.

Sergeant Peters

This character is a police officer who tries to help a college official determine who is responsible because that the eco-friendly blobs ~ above the school...

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