Houston itself has actually a huge metropolitan area. The facility of Houston is related to as being around 50 miles from Galveston, v the closest beach on the Gulf that Mexico.

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However, the diameter of the Houston subway area is about 50 miles, so part points of south-east Houston could be quite a little closer to the beach.

It depends what part of Houston. Houston Is a vital city. If you’re talking about downtown, It’s 30 miles to Laporte. And also It’s 30 mile to Seabrook. If you space talking about the beach and not the ocean, then It’s around 48 mile to Galveston. Ns live In clean Lake. And It’s Houston. Our market Is Sylvester Turner as with everybody else that resides In Houston. We have Houston Police and also City that Houston jurisdiction. I’m 7 miles from the Gulf that Mexico. NASA roadway dead ends right into the Gulf In Seabrook.


Galveston is around 40 miles south of Houston and also offers the many bustling beach suffer close come the Bayou City. All of its beaches carry out showers, bathrooms, and refreshments for sale. Top top the far eastern side that the city, you’ll discover East Beach, Texas’ largest beach and also a popular party area.

Traveling south on interstate 45 from the facility of Houston Texas to Galveston Tx the is approximately 47 mile to the Gulf of Mexico!

We are beach people and enjoy go the beach in the morning searching for shells. Stewart coast is a really busy beach on weekends once the weather is nice. Return the coast itself is free, to park in the locations close come the building and beach itself will price you $8.00, but you can additionally park for complimentary in an area that is just a little further on indigenous the entrance. It is a somewhat much longer walk to the beach. Also, in between McDonald’s and also Wings (one that those cheesy souvenir stores), you have the right to park because that $5 ~ above weekends. I don’t think they room there collecting throughout the week. This is not a street sand beach as you uncover in Panama City Beach, FL, or Gulf Shores, AL.


This is a darker much more gritty sand, certainly more hard packed. If it has been raining lately there will be pools that water anywhere the place making that a small mucky to journey or walk on to obtain to the beach. The “shelter” building has bathrooms, showers, changing area, tables, and also a tiny store v souvenirs and food. They carry out a an excellent job of grooming the beach v a tractor and grooming scraper every day and also even sometimes throughout the day. The water is shallow a long way out. There are additionally nice stable offshore winds that are great for kite flying. This hasn’t been a good shelling beach (for that we generally go to east Beach) but it is nice to walk. That is a decent beach close to the seawall area around a mile and fifty percent from the pleasure Pier area.

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The coast Is Open. Must I Go?

As states reopen, specialists say socially distant outdoor activities, choose swimming or running follow me the shore, are some of the safer means to re-engage v the world. Here, tips for exactly how to reap the beach now.

The beach Is Open. Need to I Go?

Sylvan coast Fishing Pier County-Owned BeachSylvan coast is owned and also managed by Harris County. Visit the Harris county website for more information about this beach.A fishing pier surrounded by a body of waterPier Rules

Alcohol is prohibitedAreas that pier may not be reserved. All locations on pier are obtainable on a very first come, very first serve basisCasting nets are not allowed on pierFish clean is not allowed on pierGlass containers room not allowed on pierNo running on pier or sit on peak railNo sunbathing or lounge chairs / grocery store carts enabled on pierPatron must display wristband as soon as requested by one authorized agent of the concessionaire, City of La Porte, or Harris CountyPets (except company animals) room not allowed on pierRefunds will not it is in issued for any type of reasonThere is a 2 rod border per patronUmbrellas are allowed unless pier is crowded, or impeding fishing