Does it Matter? Does it matter?-losing her legs?...
For civilization will always be kind,
And you need not display that friend mind
When the rather come in ~ hunting
To gobble their muffins and also eggs. Go it issue ?-losing your sight?...
There"s such splendid work-related for the blind;
And people will constantly be kind,
As girlfriend sit top top the terrace remembering
And transforming your confront to the light. Do they matter?-those dreams from the pit?...
You can drink and forget and also be glad,
And civilization won"t say the you"re mad;
For they"ll know you"ve battled for her country
And no one will issue a bit.Siegfried Sassoon

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AnalysisSiegfried Sassoon’s poem ‘Does the Matter?’ is a sensitive city of i m sorry questions society of problems from war. The city is brief, consists of 3 stanzas through 4 present each, over there is a rhyming pattern throughout, and also most lines also have an equal variety of syllables. The poem mirrors a negative method of war, describing feelings and thoughts soldiers walk through as soon as they end up their service. ‘ The poem emphasises ‘Superficial kindness’ is emphasised throughout the poem, to express that society feels in the direction of the soldiers who’s experienced from war. Potential injuries and wounds such as; ‘losing her legs, sight and also reoccurring memories of the war’ accentuates the truth no one yes, really cares around one’s body and also mind’s condition due come war, specifically mirroring the means they space treated by the public from the soldier’s perspective. The poem tells the story around how society expects the soldiers come resume to your previous life. This have the right to be seen in the line, “There’s together splendid occupational for the blind...” indicating that they room suppose to proceed with lives like it was before the war also if they end up being blind. The soldiers room expected to forget the gruesome, horrifying scenes and also memories of war to move on v their vault lives. As soon as the war is over and the soldiers have returned. The people are able to forget and not worry around the war veterans. because this city is from together a new perspective, it provides such an impact on readers. Sassoon is a war veteran; that served plenty of times during world War One and also has cleverly created this city expressing his think in a subtle way making the reader think. similar to the poem ‘A functioning Party’, this poem consists of a few themes, which have the right to be acknowledged by the reader. This city signifies the prestige of soldiers hard work and also dedication to their country, however, space not honoured properly. The soldiers room expected to go on through their everyday lives after their battle service. I beg your pardon is wherein is us should display our appreciation and also most important be thankful because that the challenges and also hardships that room continually faced by soldiers because that our freedom and also current lifestyle. The poet has used literary techniques such together sarcasm through the whole poem, and also it’s very effective due to the fact that he asks the concern “Does the Matter?” transparent the poem, trying to point out how culture treats a soldier who has lost so much throughout the war.

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The rhyming of ‘ind’ in the very first and second stanza ‘kind, mind, blind’, are offered to represent how society will accept the soldiers after ~ the war no issue the state they are in. Juxtaposition additionally adds to this result using ‘blind and also light’.