Drug experimentation is effective in avoiding drug and alcohol use and also is supplied by business, the criminal justice system, parents, and schools. Medicine testing, ideally, is one component of an in its entirety treatment setup to assist an individual accomplish a healthy and productive life.

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Drug experimentation with TASC

Treatment assessment Screening Center, Inc. (TASC) is a nonprofit leader in drug testing with much more than 40 year of experience and also dedication to excellence.TASC’s laboratory is exclusively devoted to analyzing drugs of abuse and also is a leader in developing standards and procedures for experimentation in this specialized field of toxicology. Numerous million test are carried out annually in ~ our lab.From collecting samples to providing accurate outcomes in a timely and also confidential manner, TASC gives solutions to satisfy your needs.Drug trial and error is efficient and also cost effective. TASC has an in-house licensed and accredited advanced laboratory which means the greatest quality and also savings because that our customers.

Some that the most commonly used medicine tested by TASC include:


TASC’s finish test food selection or list of drugs reflects present drug trends.

Primarily three different varieties of medicine tests are offered at TASC:

Urine testing

Urine experimentation is the most typical to screen day-to-day medicine use and also is among the most customizable. It detects current drug use consisting of a wide variety of drugs and also prescription medications. This testing method is at this time approved by the U.S. Federal government for commonwealth mandated testing.

Oral Fluid

Oral fluid experimentation detects really recent drug use in the past 12 to 36 hours. A TASC skilled collects saliva through an absorbent machine that is put in the mouth. The test process is quick and tampering with the sample is really difficult.


Hair experimentation detects drug use over one extended duration of time. Head hair samples perhaps detect drug use up to 90 days whereas other body hair can potentially detect usage over a lot longer period of time. In ~ TASC, hair is sampled from three different areas on the crown. The end an outcome is cosmetically undetectable.

Lab exam Versus test Kits

TASC gives instant test kits if you and also a TASC skilled determine this meets your needs. TASC prefers lab-based testing to ensure precise and substantial results. Test kit are limited and execute not detect details drugs.

TASC offers drug experimentation services for workplaces, criminal righteousness agencies, parents, and schools.

Contact TASC lab staff this day to talk about your drug trial and error needs.


TASC has considerable screening and confirmatory medicine test menu. More drugs are included as trends adjust and evolve. Below are some of the tests offered by TASC’s laboratory:

AlcoholBarbituratesBath SaltsBenzodiazepinesBuprenorphineCarisoprodol (Soma)CocaineDextromethorphanEcstasyETG – Ethyl Glucuronide (Alcohol metabolite)FentanylHeroin
KetamineLSDMethadoneMethaqualoneOpiatesOxycodonePhencyclidine (PCP)PropoxypheneSpice K2- fabricated CannabinoidsTHCQuality regulate & Methodology

TASC employees ensure top quality control. Our arsenal sites utilize visually observed, monitored collections, which are a vital component in a precious drug testing program. We document legal accountability with an accurate chain-of-custody procedures and also strictly follow federal and also state demands for confidentiality.

TASC’s experimentation procedures adhere to the highest possible standards. We make use of a wide variety of state-of-the-art trial and error methodologies, consisting of initial screening by enzyme immunoassay (EIA) and enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).

All confirmatory testing is performed by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) and also Liquid Chromatography/Tandem massive Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS), which have high level of specificity and sensitivity and are taken into consideration the “gold standard” for drug trial and error verification.

SPECIMEN collection

The services of having actually TASC carry out specimen collections include:

Visually Observed

Even though clients know they are being visually observed, part still attempt to circumvent the repertoire process. For this reason, TASC performs gender-specific specimen collections using only extremely trained collection staff.

Strict chain-of-custody measures are applied to for sure legally accountable collections room performed.

Urine, Hair and also Oral Fluid

TASC specimen collections space performed by employees certified in every media type.


Each office is designed to optimize sample collections to attain fast, precise collection the specimens and also to get rid of attempts come adulterate the sample.

All specimen arsenal staff receive substantial training in client service, chain-of-custody protocol, specimen collection procedures and also adulteration techniques.

TASC’s full-service laboratory provides in-house drug experimentation for multiple media species and check selections. Our highly advanced equipment permits us to easily address new drug trends and carry out customized trial and error panels particular to our customer’s needs.

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All laboratory solutions are detailed by TASC employees, ensuring quality control from collecting the specimen to releasing results. Once you use TASC’s drug experimentation laboratory, you deserve to count top top fast, friendly company from knowledgeable technicians and also toxicologists. TASC offers:

State-of-the-art instrumentation activate by highly trained technological staffAutomated specimen processing and also analysis, v real-time, web-based reportingTechnical assistance from a trained toxicologistDecades of litigation experience and expert testimonySpecialty medicine testing, research and development

TASC’s laboratory is accredited through the university of American Pathologists (CAP) under the Forensic Drug experimentation Program (LAP: 3201701; AU-ID: 1050328) and by Clinical Laboratory advancement Amendments (CLIA). Come maintain consistent accreditation, TASC participates in rigorous on-site inspections, annual reviews consisting of quality assurance, continual graded capability testing, and provides staff education and training to accomplish requirements. The laboratory follows the recommendations of the substance Abuse and also Mental health Services administration (SAMHSA) and also CAP for trial and error procedures including the established cutoff levels.


TASC and also its lab have actually several certificates of accreditation from top industry organizations, including: