Cruella Sneaks in a stunner Pirates the the Caribbean Homage like Disney"s Pirates of the Caribbean ride, Cruella contains a scene including prisoners and a dog top top the various other side of the bars.

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WARNING: The following includes spoilers for Cruella, currently playing in theaters and streaming on Disney+ Premier Access.

One that the most iconic scene in the Disney ride Pirates that the Caribbean happens toward the end of the experience. As marauding pirates collection the city aflame, rather trapped in a prison attempt to entice a dog who"s hold the secrets to your cell in the mouth come come closer so they can set themselves free. In Cruella, there"s a brief scene that also involves prisoners in a jail cell and also a dog top top the various other side of the bars who holds the means to your freedom. But, in what might be seen as a cheeky homage come the Pirates drive (or also the film, which also includes a version of the sequence), the movie flips the original scene on its head by do the dog an allied of the prisoners and also not the jail guards.

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In Pirates of the Caribbean, the dog through the keys isn"t coaxed come come closer, in spite of the prisoners" finest efforts. This is a dog who has a job to do and also is difficult to it. The dog in Cruella has a job to perform too, but in this case that project is to complimentary his friends.

In Disney"s latest live-action effort, Horace and also Jasper type a family members unit through Cruella together children, but with no parental and couple of prospects, they must steal to obtain by. And their criminal efforts are aided by your dogs, Buddy and also Wink. Tiny, eye-patch-wearing Wink is especially helpful for gaining into locations undetected, and also years later, when Horace and also Jasper space arrested, Cruella sends out Wink to their rescue.

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While Cruella create a distraction, Wink slips into the police station and makes his means to the jail cells in the earlier of the building. He looks for out Jasper and also Horace, however instead of keys like the dog in Pirates the the Caribbean, Wink is delivering a set of lock picks. And also when he finds his people, he slips it come them, permitting them to escape.

It"s a brief but fun minute that evokes memories of an additional beloved Disney residential or commercial property while remaining true come the heart of Cruella. While, the movie contains multiple nods to One Hundred and also One Dalmatians and also even a recommendation to Cinderella, this homage come Pirates the the Caribbean is a deep reduced that will joy die-hard Disney fans.

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Directed through Craig Gillespie, Cruella stars Emma Stone, Emma Thompson, Paul Walter Hauser, Joel Fry, Emily Beecham, Kirby Howell-Baptiste and also Mark Strong. The movie is currently available in theaters and also on Disney+ Premier Access.