Doug Davidson is The Young and also the Restless star through the most appearances come date. The actor plays Detective Paul Williams and also has been affiliated with the show because 1978. That’s a whopping 2 years before legendary Y&R star, Eric Braeden, joined together Victor Newman. V the current news that he may have actually been fired (again) what’s Davidson’s network worth and is he associated to previous castmember, Eileen Davidson?

Fans the ‘The Young and the Restless’ petition for Doug Davidson’s return

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Doug Davidson | Jonathan Leibson/WireImage

Actor and also producer, Doug Davidson, is a married dad of two, but also a daytime TV icon. The Young and the Restless wouldn’t be practically as finish without Davidson’s contribution in end 3,000 episodes.

Detective Paul Williams hasn’t been seen as much over the last few years and also fans noticed. In September 2018, the veteran to be let go of Y&R. He confirmed the news in multiple interviews and tweets via society media.

The leave was together a shock, fans took to petition board to get the actor earlier on board. The outcry — native castmates choose Braeden, also — must’ve worked. Through February 2019, CBS announced Davidson would return to Genoa City.

However, Davidson freshly addressed brand-new fan involves via tweet saying, “I have no mirrors left to air and also no days scheduled. Ns guess I’ll permit you draw your own conclusions.”

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many shows have shut down production, consisting of daytime soaps favor Y&R. Regardless of contract-status, there is a slew that petitions to save the fan-favorite.

One petition in particular states:

“After 41 year of commitment & commitment to CBS, Emmy award-winning actor, Doug Davidson is not receiving the storylines and/or airtime that deserves.

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Please display your assistance in wanting a much more integral role for “Chief Paul Williams” ~ above ‘Young and also The Restless’ by signing this petition. In an industry where peak executives room rewarded and paid one exorbitant amount of money to walk away for questionable behavior, someone of Doug’s character, talent and also grace gift “discarded” is unconscionable!!!”