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Hayley Rey has actually been married to Dr. Robert Rey because 2000. They have been married for 21.9 years.

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Hayley Rey

Other - Spouse

Why Famous:Spouse the Dr. Robert Rey

Age: 47 (b. 1974)

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Dr. Robert Rey

Other - Other

Why Famous:Dr. 90210

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Relationship Timeline

EventStart DateLength
Married200021.9 years
Total21.9 years*

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Sydney200021 yrs.FemaleBiological
Robby200417 yrs.MaleBiological

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Miranda Lambert



Zoey Deutch



Lucy Griffiths




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"I don"t yet recognize what I could do as very first lady, but I know exactly how I will perform it: seriously. Just as Nicolas doesn"t resemble his predecessors, I would like, me too, when respecting the dignity that the post, to keep my personality. So i am the first lady till the end of mine husband"s mandate and his wife until death."

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