The Nintendo 3DS port of Dragon pursuit VIII contains quite a number of changes and also additions, consisting of some brand-new costumes for each personality of the cast. In the initial PS2 release, just Hero and also Jessica had alternate outfits. Right here we synopsis all the outfits available and just how to acquire them.

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Each outfit needs the personality to equip one or an ext specific piece of armor. All pieces in a set are required for the outfit to show up on the personality model.

Hero Costumes


You require the Dragovian Armour and also the Dragovian Helm, i m sorry are obtained through the Dragovian Trials throughout the post-game.

Metal King

Metal King armor - Alchemy (Liquid metal Armour + Orichalcum + Slime Crown). A Slime Crown have the right to be discovered at Hilltop Hut and Tyran Gully. Liquid steel Armor have the right to be purchased at Baccarat Casino.Metal King Helm - 90 Mini Medal reward indigenous Princess MinnieMetal King Shield - Alchemy (Orichalcum + Ruinous Shield + Saint's Ashes). The Ruinous Shield is accessible on Godbird obtainable section of the Northwest Isle.


Gothic Mitre - Buy at Baccarat Casino because that 25000 coinsGothic Vestment - photograph Quest reward

Yangus Costumes


Dogsbody's Vest - Alchemy (Bandit letter + Plain clothes + Coral Hairpin). Bandit mail purchased at Empycchu. Plain apparel purchased in ~ Farebury. Coral Hairpin purchased at Baccarat.Dogsbody's Hood - Alchemy (Bandana + difficult Guy Tattoo + Coral Hairpin). Bandana purchased at Peregrin Quay. Tough Guy Tattoo to buy at Argonia Bazaar. Coral Hairpin purchased at Baccarat.

Jessica Costumes

Jessica's Outfit

Found in Jessica's room in Alexandria.

Bunny Girl

Bunny suit - complete Rank F in ~ the Monster ArenaBunny ears - Alchemy (Bunny Tail + Hairband). Bunny Tail purchased at Argonia Bazaar. Hairband purchased in ~ Peregrin Quay.Fishnet Stockings - 25 Mini Medal reward from Princess Minnie


Purchase in ~ Pickham or Baccarat.

Magic Bikini

Purchase at Arcadia.

Dangerous Bustier

99 Mini Medal reward from Princess Minnie or discovered in Heavenly Dais post-game dungeon.

Divine Bustier

Alchemy - (Dangerous Bustier + Shimmering Dress).

Shimmering dress (Gold Bracer + Ruby of defense + Spangled Dress). Gold Bracer and Ruby of protection purchased at Argonia Bazaar. Spangled dress purchased at Baccarat Casino for 3000 coins.

Nitid Tutu

Alchemy - (Spangled dress + Dancer's Costume + Life Bracer). 

Spangled dress is purchased at Baccarat Casino for 3000 coins. Dancer's Costume is purchased at Pickham or Baccarat. Life Bracer is acquired through alchemy (Gold Bracer + restore Ring). Gold Bracer is purchased in ~ Argonia Bazaar. Recovery Ring is (Prayer Ring + seeds of Life). Prayer Rings deserve to be gotten at Bacarrat Casino.

School / Blazer

Scholar Specs - purchase at Argonia Bazaar.Abiding Blazer - This requires the player to complete the 'Dodgy Dave' subevent in the Pickham Tavern. Dave will reward you through gold or items if friend craft specific items to carry to him. The Abiding Blazer is his final reward, and also in stimulate to get it, you need to offer Dave the following late in the game: Special medication (Strong medication + solid Medicine)Reinforced Boomerang (Boomerang + stole Nail)Ring of immune (Gold Ring + toxicity Needle)Robe the Serenity (Boxer Shorts + coat of Evasion)Sandstorm Spear (Partisan + Saint's Ashes)Crimson Robe (Magic Water + Nook Grass + Sage's Robe). Nook Grass can be acquired by talking to Marek at Marta's cottage as soon as that storyline is complete. Sage's Robe is (Magic Vestment + Scholar's Cap) and also the components can be bought at Argonia Bazaar.Princess Robe (Angel's Robe + gold Rosary + Shimmering Dress).The Princess Robe requires rather a little of alchemy come get. Angel Robe is (Flowing dress + miracle Skirt). Magical Skirt is (Bandit's Grass skirt + Magical hat + magical Mace). Shimmering dress is (Gold Bracer + Ruby of security + Spangled Dress). Gold Rosary purchased in ~ Savella.


Hexlet hat - Alchemy (Magical cap + reasoning Cap + Mystifying Mixture).Thinking cap purchased in ~ Tryan Gully. Magical hat purchased at Argonia Bazaar.Hexlet dress - Alchemy (Magical dress + Imp Knife + Mystifying Mixture)Mystifying Mixture = (Medicinal Herb + Antidotal Herb + Moonwort Bulb)Imp Knife = (Assassin's Dagger + Devil's Tail)Assassin's Dagger = (Eagle Dagger + poison Needle). Eagle Dagger purchased at Savella. Poison Needle purhcased in ~ BaccaratDevil's Tail = to buy in Dragovian Sanctuary

Angelo Costumes

Oriental / Samurai

Alchemy - (Flowing dress + Crimson Robe + Lunar Fan)

Flowing dress - bought in Tryan GullyCrimson Robe - *see Jessica's college Blazer*Lunar pan - Alchemy (Gold Rosary + complete Moon Ring + mainly Fan).Gold Rosary bought at SavellaFull Moon Ring (Gold Ring + toxicity Moth Knife). Gold Ring purchased at Argonia Bazaar. Toxicity Moth Knife purchased at Pickham.Stellar pan (Silver Tiara + Highly-strung Cheese + Rainbow Fan). Silver- Tiara to buy in Argonia. Highly-strung cheese discovered at Dragovian Sanctuary. Rainbow pan purchased at Tryan Gully.


Reward because that beating rank X that the Monster Arena. I recommend a Monster Team of Nioh, Skeledoid, and also Octurian at high levels.

Red Costumes


Kunoichi Headband - Alchemy (Iron Headgear + Mercury's Bandana). Stole Headgear bought at Orkutsk. Mercury's Bandana = (Agility Ring + Bandana). Agility Rings have the right to be got at Pickham Casino.Kunoichi Costume - picture Quest reward



Cap'n's apparel - photograph Quest rewardPirate's cap - Dropped through Captain crow boss.

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Mandarin Dress

Reward for transforming in 133 mini medals to Princess Minnie.