I just finished the epub variation of this book after a month the stop-resume-stop-resume reading. And it to be a delicious treat tothe mind who seek comfort with the thoughts about subtle non-conformity. (thanks to lord Henry)

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I obtained so fond the it the i discovered it too late to highlight thepassages and also words of wisdom or might i say, thought-provokingparagraphs scribed by Mr. Oscar Wilde, so, the list listed below hasbeen lifted out beginning from chapter 1V onward.

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1. One might never pay tooo high the price for any kind of sensation2. Human being are very fond of offering away what they need mostthemselves. The is what i speak to the depth that generosity3. A good poet, a really an excellent poet, is the most unpoetical ofall creatures. But inferior poets space absolutely fascinating.The worse your rhymes are, the more picturesque castle look.4. The mere truth of having published a publication of 2nd ratesonnets renders a guy quite irresistible. The lives the poetrythat he cannot write. The others compose the poetry the they darenot realise.5. Suffer was of no honest value. It was simply the namemen provided to their mistakes6. A man can be happy with any woman as lengthy as he does not loveher7. To Cure the spirit by method of the senses, and the senses bymeans the the soul8. One"s days were to quick to take the burden of another"serrors ~ above one"s shoulders. Each man lived his own life, and also paidhis own price for livign it. The just pity to be one had actually to pay sooften because that a solitary fault. One had actually to pay over and also over again,indeed.9. When the passion for sin, or for what the people calls sin, sodominates a nature, the every cell of the brain, seems to beinstinct through fearful impulses.Men and women at such moemnts lose the liberty of their will.They relocate to their destructive end together automatons move, selection istaken from them, and conscience is either killed, or, if itlives in ~ all, lives but to give rebellion that is fascination, anddisobedience that charm.For every sins, as theologians weary not of remind us, space sinsof disobedience. Once that high spirit, that morning-star ofevil, fell from heaven, the was as a rebel that he fell.10. Names room everything. I never quarrel v actions. Mine onequarrel is with words. That is the reason i dislike vulgar realismin literature. The man who could speak to a spade a spade must becompelled to usage one.It is the just thing that is right for.11. I admit that i think the it is much better to be beautiful thanto be good. But on the other hand no one is much more ready 보다 i amto identify that the is far better to be good than to be ugly.12. Suspicion is the beginning of Faith(click here for the component 2)MAC