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I"ve quit a pair of times recently at the Sunoco on coast Dr, just eastern of Northampton Blvd (Route 13). It to be a Texaco a quick while back. The pumps space not labeled together Ethanol i beg your pardon I assumed was a VA requirement. Don"t recognize if the cashier would also know. Could be worth someone v a test kit to check. More than likely an oversight. Couldn"t be that lucky the close come the ramps.

It"s far much easier to placed in some fuel additive than to journey all over development looking for the few gas stations that carry non ethanol gas. Uneven that Hampton BP ~ above Woodland newly switched, your gas has ethanol. Yet if is non-ethanol, it would be relatively conveniant because that anyone launching in ~ the watercraft ramp near Wallaces.

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Ethanol price me $1,400 in fuel pumps and also repair critical year. (boat to be sent ago to manufacturer and they never ever took treatment of it). I"ll make the extra few mile expedition to the non ethanol. Many thanks for posting the list.
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