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Knowing just how to remove the spare tires from Ford F150 there is no a an essential is crucial process. We perform not constantly have the precise tool because that our automobile model.

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Also, us don’t recognize when we will should use the preventive tire. However, over there is a very simple procedure you have the right to follow.

With just a few tools you have the right to use the spare tire as soon as you need it most. Because that this, you perform not need the special key for Ford F150, therefore this anti-theft system have the right to be quickly hacked. We won’t say even if it is this is great or bad, yet it will certainly be convenient for you.

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2 eliminate Spare tires from F150 van Without Key3 FAQ´s of removing Spare tire From Ford F150 without Key

Tools required

You should think it’s a difficulty that’s only taken place to you. Unfortunately, I have to tell you the you room not distinct in this, together it has happened come a the majority of men. For this problem, girlfriend must have some tools required.

You only need a few tools to conveniently solve this problem. So, it must not it is in a problem to uncover them. You will be able to use her spare tire in less time 보다 you think. Because that this you need the following:

14mm socketA guide or pipe for the 14mm socketA hammerRegular extender or crankA flathead screwdriver

Also, us will carry out you v the important steps below. In this case, the is a very straightforward task that you will have the ability to solve in a brief time. So, grab her tools, head to your F150, and get come work!

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Remove Spare tire from F150 van Without Key

To obtain remove the spare tires from the F150 van without the an essential you perform not must be an professional in mechanics. So, you have the right to just go around loosening up the tension. In basic words, it’s around unlocking a lock like any type of other.

In the next 4 steps, you will learn just how to carry out it. Besides, you will certainly not damages the components of your vehicle in any kind of way. Of course, you will not damages your car if you carry out the steps carefully.

Step 1: Prepare the tools:

In this case, friend should have a 14-millimeter socket. To perform this, you must place your socket on an extender or guide. What us want right here is to acquire the socket to the special lock. So, the extender you use should be the right length for this.

So, the tool must be 60 centimeter or 70 cm long and you should have actually a hammer near you when you start work.

In this case, you do not need a one-of-a-kind hammer or something else. Just a device that can give a couple of blows will do. It’s a tool that’s never lacking from her home, right?

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Step 2: Inserting the socket:

Your 14-millimeter socket must have actually the proper extender or guide, to begin with. What us want below is to take the socket to the unique lock the locks the tire.

You should then insert the socket with the an are provided. In particular, this an are is located in the behind bumper. Girlfriend will find this hole on the left next of your vehicle’s license plate.

Once you have actually succeeded in installation the base through the lock, you have to take your hammer. What we desire to do here is insanity the 14-millimeter socket in. In this way, simply, the skirting board will certainly stick in addition to the unique lock.

Once girlfriend have controlled to achieve this action you can remove the unique lock or key. The is necessary to consider that you carry out not have to knock too far in v the hammer.

We don’t desire to damage any type of internal components of your F150, for this reason don’t use also much force with the hammers. The is just a matter of help you to fit the two pieces together.

Step 3: obtaining the spare tire:

Once friend have regulated to eliminate the unique lock you can count on her tire. Once you have controlled to remove this component you can use any regular crank or extender.

If you have actually done a comparable procedure before, friend will know which extender is most ideal to use.

At this point, friend will be able to lower and also raise her tire quickly and also easily. Although you no longer have actually this safety and security system, her tire will certainly be easily accessible to you. So, it’s far better to have less safety and one much more tire, right?

Also, girlfriend can always find out just how to reintroduce the distinct lock. Although i don’t think you want to execute that, since removing it is basic for anyone.

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Step 4: Separating the 14-millimeter socket:

At this point, we’re virtually done. The only thing left to carry out is to different the 14-millimeter socket attached to the distinct key. You have the right to simply usage a flathead screwdriver for this purpose. This analysis tool will certainly serve to make part leverage between both components.

Although you will certainly not discover any challenge in this task. So, once you have achieved your score you can put your tools away. You likewise have the alternative to permanently eliminate the distinct wrenches or re-insert them. However, her tire will not be lost or autumn off v the movement and vibrations.

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Useful Tips

There is an different to this drawback if you space concerned around the safety and security of your tire. Plenty of users uncover a difficulty when they shot to reintroduce the unique lock.

So, they may prefer no to execute the procedure we have described. The is why there is an different that these users might find more convenient.

At this point, that is essential to point out that no all F150 models room the same. Some several special locks and keys certain the tires.

So, her neighbor’s special an essential that has actually an F150 will most likely not work. The only solution would certainly be come order a new key for your kind of F150.

For this, you will need to call the Ford business department. If it is a model that is a couple of years old, you will need to pray the a key is quiet available.

Generally, spare parts for larger vehicles space no longer created after a while. So, if this happens to the crucial you need, you can be in trouble.

On the other hand, over there is a third alternative if friend don’t gain a brand-new key. In this case, girlfriend will additionally need to contact a specialist mechanic in ~ Ford Service. When you call this mechanic the solution will it is in to cut the tire.

At this point, that is crucial to note that the costs may be too high. Also, depending upon when you check out this article, the final cost may vary.

Although you may be thinking that the expenses will not be together high together if the tires were stolen. So, you will have to make the last decision in this situation.

After the cut is made, the mechanic will need to install a spare tire carrier. However, over there are only 3 remedies to a single problem, friend can pick the most convenient one.

FAQ´s of remove Spare tire From Ford F150 without Key


Photo credit transaction Wikipedia under CCWhat is the tool dubbed that lowers the spare tire?It is usually referred to as the spare tire tool. A wide selection is accessible today. So, if it’s an F 150, you’ll desire to usage a 14-millimeter socket.

In this case, us have explained the procedure required to get your preventive tire. Girlfriend will need to read every of the crucial steps.

How perform I acquire my spare tires off my truck?

To acquire your spare tire off her truck, friend must first have the important tools. In this case, it is crucial to think about whether you require a unique key. Friend must likewise have a crank to be able to lower and also raise the tire.

Simply find the lock because that this. Finally, just turn the special crucial or crank manage counter-clockwise. As soon as you have actually done this you will have got your tire.

How execute I reduced my spare tire?

To gain the spare tire down, you need to identify wherein the device for this is located. Van usually have actually a unique lock.

So, you have to insert a conventional crank or extender and also turn it clockwise or counterclockwise. You may likewise need a special vital instead of a traditional extender. This is the key drawback we have analyzed for the F 150.

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What is the traditional socket size?

Generally, standard socket size is concerned four different sizes. So, that is possible to find 1.9 cm or ¾ inch and 1.3 centimeter or ½ inch.

On the various other hand, the various other sizes used are 0.9 centimeter or ⅜ inch, and also 0.6 cm or ¼ inch. So, there is no single standard size of a socket.

What is a screwdriver?

A driver is a tool commonly used to rotate screws. For the procedure we have described, you will certainly not need to turn any screws. This tool will merely be offered to carry out leverage.

What is the special lock the locks the spare tire?

Specifically, this special lock has been designed together a protection method. It just locks the spare tire of your auto to stop it from gift stolen.

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How do you put a preventive tire ago in the trunk?

Alternatively, you deserve to place her spare tire in the trunk. To perform this, it is important to have certain implements to solve the tire. This will stop the tires from moving and also being damaged during a journey.


We’re excellent here and also it wasn’t a very an overwhelming procedure, to be it? in ~ this point, you will realize the knowing exactly how to remove the spare tire from Ford F 150 without a crucial is really useful. In straightforward words, you can use the preventive tire. Besides, a level tire is constantly unpredictable, or am ns wrong?