Lauric acid (the solvent in this experiment) has actually a reported Kf = 3.9 °C·kg/mol = 3.9 °C/m. In this experiment, you will identify the freezing suggest of the pure solvent, CH3(CH2)10COOH (lauric acid).

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Click to see complete answer. Considering this, what is the van"t Hoff element for lauric acid?

Lauric acid, CH3(CH2)10COOH, is also known together dodecanoic acid and has a van"t Hoff factor (i) that 1. To do this determination, you must know the massive of both the solvent and solute and also the molecular mass the the solute. This will enable you to calculation the colligative molality that the solution, mc.

Subsequently, inquiry is, what is KF in freezing point depression? Kf is the molal freezing suggest depression continuous of the solvent (1.86 °C/m because that water). M = molality = moles of solute per kilogram that solvent.

Secondly, what is the molality the lauric acid?

The Kf value For Lauric Acid Is 3.9°C•kg/mol.

What is the KF of acetic acid?

The density of acetic acid is 1.049 g/mL and also Kf (acetic acid) = 3.90 °C· kg/mol The density of the unknown is 0.791 g/mL.

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Can the van"t Hoff factor ever be zero?

The Vant Hoff factor(generally denoted through “i”) offers us one idea that how many molecules or compounds space actually current after dissolve a compund. Together molecules i do not know vanish after dissociation(law of preservation of mass) the molecules existing as solute can never be 0. For this reason i can never be 0.
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Why is the van"t Hoff aspect lower than expected?

Because it breaks up right into three ions, that is van"t Hoff factor is 3. In ~ concentrations greater than 0.001 M, over there are sufficient interactions between ions that opposite charge that the network concentration of the ions is less than expected—sometimes significantly. The yes, really van"t Hoff factor is thus less than the appropriate one.
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Can the van"t Hoff variable be a decimal?

The van"t Hoff factor will regularly (and nearly always) come in decimal. Let"s take it the example of acetic acid which has the chemical formula CH3COOH. This is a weak electrolyte and will partly dissociate in one aqueous solution. The van"t Hoff element will frequently (and nearly always) come in decimal.
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What is lauric acid used for?

It is also used for avoiding the transmission of HIV from mothers to children. Other uses for lauric acid incorporate treatment the bronchitis, gonorrhea, yeast infections, chlamydia, intestinal infections resulted in by a parasite dubbed Giardia lamblia, and ringworm. In foods, lauric acid is used as a vegetables shortening.
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What is the melt freezing allude of lauric acid?

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How execute you uncover the freezing point of lauric acid?

the freezing-point depression complies with a basic direct proportionality relationship: ∆Tf = Kf·m (1) where the proportionality constant, Kf, is referred to as the molal freezing-point depression constant. Lauric acid (the solvent in this experiment) has a reported Kf = 3.9 °C·kg/mol = 3.9 °C/m.
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How perform you calculation freezing suggest depression?

step 1: calculation the freezing suggest depression the benzene. Tf = (Freezing allude of pure solvent) - (Freezing suggest of solution) action 2 : calculation the molal concentration the the solution. Molality = moles of solute / kg of solvent. Action 3: calculation Kf that the solution. Tf = (Kf) (m)
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What is Molality formula?

The formula because that molality is m = moles of solute / kilograms the solvent. In trouble solving involving molality, us sometimes have to use added formulas to get to the final answer. One formula we need to be mindful of is the formula because that density, i m sorry is d = m / v, whereby d is density, m is mass and also v is volume.
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How countless moles room in benzoic acid?

1 moles
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How carry out I calculate moles?

Use the molecular formula to find the molar mass; to achieve the variety of moles, division the fixed of compound by the molar fixed of the link expressed in grams.
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What is Colligative building in chemistry?

In chemistry, colligative properties space properties of options that depend on the proportion of the number of solute particles to the variety of solvent molecules in a solution, and not top top the nature of the chemical varieties present. Words colligative is derived from the Latin colligatus an interpretation bound together.
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At what temperature go lauric acid come to be a solid?

The melting allude of lauric mountain is 44 °C. Applications, concern 4). 2. The freezing point of lauric mountain is 44 °C, based on the plateau observed at this temperature on the graph.
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What reasons freezing point depression?

Freezing point depression is the temperature adjust (lowering) of the freezing point that a solvent caused by including a ionic solute. The ionic heavy interferes through the attraction in between the water molecule causing castle to have a reduced vapor pressure.
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Why carry out solutions have actually lower freezing points?

Solutions freeze points room lower than that of the pure solvent or solute because freezing, or becoming solid, create order and decreases entropy. Solutions have high entropy since of the mix the solvent and also solute, so it takes more energy to decrease your entropy come the same point.
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Why is freezing allude depression important?

Freezing suggest depression is the phenomena that describes why adding a solute to a solvent results in the lowering of the freezing point of the solvent. As soon as a substance starts to freeze, the molecules slow-moving down because of the reduce in temperature, and the intermolecular pressures start to take over.
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What room the units of KF?

Kf is the molal freezing suggest depression constant of the solvent (1.86 °C/m because that water). M = molality = moles of solute per kilogram that solvent.
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Who uncovered freezing allude depression?

Back in the 1870s, before the thermodynamics the colligative properties had been put on a theoretical footing, these relations had been discovered in Grenoble, France, by physicist François-Marie Raoult in connexion with his occupational on solutions, which inhabited the last two decades of his life.

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Why freezing allude decreases on including impurities?

as soon as impurity is added , its freezing allude decreases. Reason: The depression in Freezing point rises with increase in concentration of solute since on adding the solute, vapour push becomes lower than that of pure solvent. Hence freezing occurs at lower temperature.
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