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In man Boyne"s novel The young in the stripe Pajamas , nine-year-old Bruno"s larger sister Gretel undergoes a far-reaching and deeply troubling transformation. For much of the story, Gretel is defined as both obsessed v her doll collection and also annoyed in ~ the existence of she younger brother, whose disdain...

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In john Boyne"s novel The young in the strip Pajamas, nine-year-old Bruno"s enlarge sister Gretel undergoes a far-ranging and deep troubling transformation. For lot of the story, Gretel is explained as both obsessed through her doll collection and annoyed in ~ the visibility of she younger brother, who disdain for his sister is same to her"s for him. Come answer the student"s question, then, Gretel spent many of her time with her dolls, she father"s position and their relocation from Germany to Poland, and, an ext specifically, come the fatality camp the father will run, depriving she of the type of friendships that can otherwise occupy her time. The novel"s unseen narrator describes very early incident involving Bruno"s entry into Gretel"s bedroom, only to observe her, typically, involved with she "civilization the dolls." 

Another reference to Gretel"s obsession with her doll collection comes lot later, once Bruno, lied on his bed attempting to review a book, is interrupted through his sister, whom he regularly refers to as the "Hopeless Case." The narrator explains this unusual event -- Gretel start Bruno"s room -- as follows:

"She didn"t often involved Bruno"s room, preferring to arrange and also rearrange her repertoire of dolls constantly during her cost-free time."

As Boyne"s story progresses towards its tragic conclusion, Gretel"s obsession switches from her doll repertoire to the battle slowly but surely approaching every-closer to had actually been her family"s sanctuary. Her attention in the war"s progress, however, is no in the direction for which one would hope; rather, Gretel becomes a enthusiasm believer in the Nazi ideal, and adorns she bedroom v maps from her father the she provides to monitor the war. This practice of tracking the war"s progress on maps becomes a instead of for she doll collection. Together the story"s narrator explains this transformation:

"Gretel had decided that she didn"t choose dolls anymore and put lock all into four large bags and also thrown castle away. In their place she had actually hung up maps the Europe the father had provided her, and everyday she put small pins into them and moved the pins approximately constantly after ~ consulting the day-to-day newspaper. Bruno believed she can be walk mad."

The answer come the student"s question, then, is that Gretel first spends her time v her doll collection, yet later discards the dolls and begins to emphasis her fist on tracking the war"s progress, using maps and pins.