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Material: actual LeatherColor: Orange and also BlackInside: Thinsulate LiningPockets: two Mini Pockets top top Sleeves and Two within PocketsFront: Snap-Tab Collar v Zip ClosureDetails: Patches


It fits perfectly. Dimension chart made specific purchase for me. Impressive quality!! very nice come touch and also looks exactly like the pictures. Ns really prefer the quilted shoulders its a unique architecture for me. Would absolutely recommend!

Micheal H.

From a format standpoint, it has actually some cool functions like the asymmetrical zipper, the quilted shoulders and also sleeves have sufficient padding to climb up in between the seams. Each super tiny information is systematically developed and more importantly, it fits me. The price is simply right and also I would suggest making a acquisition now because the price might go up due to increasing price of material cost.

Feeling Happy through my purchase

Why i review? It’s due to the fact that I love the jacket and it has made mine life lot easier. Ns am always in a rush for around everything so I prefer this jacket for such situations. That design and also look space as descriptive. I m large for clothing however considering this is XL and fits me, it method I walk the best thing by sizing up.

Jon Wikson

This coat is phenomenal because that the price. It’s good quality and also looks amazing. I gained this jacket for my pilgrimage to Austria and trust me it hosted up so fine throughout the trip. The hood functions the ideal it covers increase the head therefore well. Definitely, buy more from them!

Gordon Tatro

Exactly together described and also appears in pictures. The is a slim fit as it’s structured. Ns impressed, ns going to buy another for my twin sister also it’s that amazing!!! Also, shipping was fast and also efficient I should say .


My loving piece has just arrived. ~ opening and wearing it through my casual clothes, I dropped in love through my very own self. Except the good construction, it is comfortable many thanks to interior soft viscose.

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I adore this jacket! ns wear this as my everyday jacket to job-related or wherever i go. Ns 5’3 and also 120lbs tool was just the appropriate selection. Ns am really satisfied v my purchase!


As a pan of Wonder Woman, I have actually a Wonder mrs Coat native the various store but I purchased this jacket indigenous lennythewonderdog.net since of that waxed pattern. I ordered the new style logo jacket, and I really prefer that piece. It fits me well and offers me a good look. It’s important durable. Fine a great deal come me!

Evelin Kelley

The best coat ns have ever purchased, it’s extremely cozy. Ns bought it likewise as a gift because that my brother, and it fits as described. Friend can additionally say the it’s a high-quality product. My brother was additionally impressed by how warmth it in reality is.

Micah Williamson

Amazing! i bought this shearling jacket for my brother, the loves it and also family members have given numerous compliments. The leather quality is excellent and also arrival was fast. I’m satisfied with my purchase!