The ever-reliable anonymous Searcher listed inspiration once again today. I’m no sure how I’d write fifty percent of my write-ups if that wasn’t because that the inspiration of random search engine queries the somehow floor on the Twelve Mile Circle. It’s my daily Google Love. What deserve to I say? mine unknown friend in the basic public require to recognize things. Now they want to discover the highpoint that Summit County, Ohio.

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That’s an easy request. Ns can discover that prize in around fifteen secs on the county Highpointers combination website. Yes, that’s a real organization and I use their website regularly. Ar highpointers are a highly dedicated set of ar counters. Travel to every ar of the United says isn’t great enough because that them. They likewise want come touch the highest possible points of elevation. I’ve done that myself and much more than as soon as so of food I believe it’s perfect rational. I don’t go out of my means in this pursuit yet I understand it and also I evaluate it.

The ar Highpointers figured out a location in Summit County around three-quarters of a mile phibìc of West Richfield, in ~ 1,320 feet of elevation.

It’s not much of a summit but it’s plainly marked appropriate along the west edge Broadview roadway at the entrance to Camp Hilaka, previously a Girl scout retreat. This is basic highpoint, the type that I prefer to visit. It’s marked by a big blue sign by the next of the road, plainly visible in this Street view image. Trekkers can’t possible miss it.

There’s additionally a dirty small secret. The highpointers have noticed that in spite of the claim posted top top the sign, terrain directly across the street marks the true summit that Summit County. It’s about five feet higher. I guess the county technician didn’t want to watch citizens trampling through someone’s former yard.

That recognize answered the random query however it feel a little anticlimactic come me. That’s a quite inconsequential summit.

BUT THAT’S not WHY IT’S referred to as SUMMIT COUNTY!

The actual “Summit” referenced by the county surname isn’t the county highpoint in ~ all. It’s the highpoint of an historical remnant from the early-industrial age: the Ohio and also Erie Canal. It sort-of complied with the map photo I embedded over — while Google gives driving, walking, bicycle and public transportation options, that doesn’t encompass water routes, for this reason you’ll need to use her imagination. Exactly how times have actually changed. Canals were when a major type of transportation provided to open wilderness areas to settlement and also trade. Ohio had actually several hundred mile of canal by the middle of the 19th Century.

The Ohio and Erie Canal was a particularly complicated undertaking because it had actually to traverse the St. Lawrence continent Divide. One part of the waterway flowed phibìc via the Cuyahoga River, come Lakes Erie and also Ontario, come the St. Lawrence River and also finally come the phibìc Atlantic. The various other side that the waterway flowed southern via the Tuscarawas River, to the Ohio River, the Mississippi River and then to the Gulf of Mexico.

Lock 5 ~ above the Ohio and Erie Canal

The summit happens atop the crest in between the 2 watersheds. A complete crossing forced passage v 49 locks consisting of an engineering marvel referred to as the Cascade Locks. Together the Northeast Ohio newspaper of background described:

“Akron’s Cascade Locks room a unique artifact left end from Ohio’s canal era—an era that started in 1825, and ended in 1913 in a catastrophic flood. They are the stays of a steep staircase of seven locks on the Ohio & Erie Canal that allowed canal boats to ascend 70 feet in less than fifty percent a mile to reach the Akron Summit—the highest allude in top top a canal an ext than 3 hundred mile long. The Cascade Locks were component of the canal device that revolutionized Ohio indigenous a primitive wilderness right into the third most heavily populated state in the union.”

That’s a good article by the way. You have to read it.


The Ohio and Erie Canal added to the success of cities such together Cleveland and also Columbus. It additionally created the really reason for Akron’s existence. A savvy speculator, Simon Perkins, construed that canal boats would take lot of a job to cross the divide making use of slow however effective locks. People in transit essential services and also this crucial constriction developed perfect problems for a town to delivery them. He to be influential sufficient to finagle a route throughout the divide through land that he owned. The result town, Akron (from the Greek, “high place”) quickly ended up being an commercial powerhouse. Much more than a half-million world live within its city area today.

The summit that the canal that influenced names because that a city and a county was situated at Lock 1, simply west the the initial Akron town center at main & Exchange Streets.

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The background I uncovered to be infinitely more interesting 보다 the initial anonymous query. I’ve right scratched the surface. Much more information deserve to be discovered at the website of the Cascade Locks Park Association, Ohio and also Erie Canalway and the Ohio and also Erie Canal nationwide Heritage Corridor.