What ns Like around You: 10 finest Episodes, Ranked by IMDb The WB"s What i Like about You may have only aired for four seasons in the early on 2000s, but the sitcom still created some hilarious episodes.

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although it just ran for 4 years on The WB (later The CW), the sitcom What i Like around You quiet arguably boasts several of the ideal comedic talent and timing of the early on 2000s television scene in its lead actors of characters. Buoyed by a solid lead duo in Jennie Garth and also Amanda Bynes, the collection is one that only continues to grow and improve together it progresses, which renders it disappointing to this day it was cancelled after four seasons.

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Holly Tyler (Bynes) and Val Tyler (Garth) are polar opposites in every method two sisters have the right to be, yet at the end of the day, they share countless of the same goals: finding love and also fulfillment, and also sticking together v it all. The collection has plenty of highs and also lows in its brief run, yet some that its episodes are still significant comedic works also nearly two decades after they an initial aired.

Val Tyler and Vic Meladeo look at one one more and virtually kiss in What i Like around You
Thanksgiving dram a major role in What ns Like around You, an ext than any type of other holiday in fact. And an ext than any other character, Val Tyler is the one whose world is changed by 2 Thanksgivings in a row. Just one year after discovering her fiancé was cheating on her on Thanksgiving, Val has actually a totally different romantic suffer on the loss holiday.

In season four"s "Ground-Turkey-Hog Day," Val ultimately stops fighting her long-simmering feelings for Vic, her previous boss turned accidental husband, finishing in one of the best very first proper kisses in sitcom couples history.

Vince surprises Holly ~ above the plane in What i Like around You
despite it might not have actually the most creative of titles, the aptly called "Second Season Finale" episode of What i Like around You attributes some that the series" many surprising and emotionally impactful scenes.

While Val and also Rick"s relationship could be ill-fated indigenous the really beginning, it"s not tough to quiet feel captured up in the romance of the moment when Rick shows up at Val"s door come tell she he desires to be v her, not Julie. But more breathtaking than that minute is the finale"s cliffhanger, which find Holly on the airplane en route to Paris for her internship, only to discover Vince waiting for her there.

Lauren dressed as a cupcake to encourage the bakery in What ns Like about You
The series really find its perfect footing indigenous the third season onward, and also one of the many factors to contribute to this is Val and also the ever quirky Lauren going right into the bakery company together. The illustration "Sex and the solitary Girls" is one that is packed with hilarious contents from begin to end up as lock prepare to open their bakery.

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Whether it"s Lauren put on a ridiculous cupcake costume to draw attention come the bakery, or the all too eager Gary stripping down and enticing customers in other ways, the episode makes the most of the business"s launch, all while also juggling the ongoing love triangle in between Holly, Ben, and also Vince.

7 "Three small Words" (8.3)

Holly Tyler look at sad in What ns Like about You
one more episode which perfectly balances the tension between the love triangle and also the hilarious filler contents is the third season illustration "Three little Words." Holly find herself warring with facility emotions after she lies come Ben around what she think of his new, not so good song, yet those aren"t the only emotions Holly is dealing with, as shown by the episode"s title.

On the lighter side of things, Val and also Rick are preparing for your future with each other as a married couple who will quickly be cohabitating, and Val begins to control-freak out when she realizes just exactly how much hers and Rick"s layouts clash.

Though much of Holly"s and also Val"s separation, personal, instance storylines might revolve roughly their particular romantic lives, the collection is still frequently at its best when it focuses on the bond between the Tyler sisters over all else. The an initial season illustration "Girls Night Out" is a great example the that.

After Holly convinces Val to shake points up and accompany she to a sports bar because that a funny night out, points don"t specifically go according to plans as soon as Holly asks because that Val"s assist in cozying approximately a cute guy, only for the male to be interested in Val instead. Yet in the end, all functions out, as it"s there whereby Holly meets her first love, Henry.

5 "Pranks a Lot" (8.5)

provided the mostly high school and also college-aged actors of personalities who populate the people of What i Like around You, it"s only organic the series" 3rd season attributes an episode committed entirely come pranks acquiring out of control. The was likewise guaranteed the episode would certainly be one of the series" strongest.

Thankfully, the is, together "Pranks a Lot" finds the whole main cast (even including the generally no-nonsense Val) getting captured up in a war of continuously enhancing pranks; varying from a fake eviction notice, a potential deportation, and also a shotgun marriage.

What i Like about You additionally has lot of of fun with meta level humor, specifically when it involves leading lady Jennie Garth"s history on Beverly Hills, 90210. In the series" fourth season, Garth"s previous co-star Jason Priestley shows up as the truly bizarre character Charlie.

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In the episode "The Perfect Date," Val is tho trying to overlook her growing feelings because that Vic, and also as a result, she agrees to walk out through Priestley"s Charlie, who nearly immediately decides Val is his soulmate. It"s a hilarious episode filled v plenty of unintended consequences for Val, and one that functions perfectly since of Garth and Priestley"s history.

3 "Dangerous Liaisons" (8.6)

It"s not simple to deal with dramatic topics choose betrayals in friendships and keep things lighthearted and also funny, however somehow, What ns Like about You manages to do just that through the third season episode "Dangerous Liaisons."

After finding out Vince and Tina slept together, and also that her claimed best friend Gary knew around it all along, Holly goes to an excellent lengths to isolation herself from she friends; at the very least for the size of the episode. Meanwhile, Val reconnects with a character played by yet one more of Garth"s former Beverly Hills, 90210 costars, Luke Perry, who shows up as Todd, a gruff plumber who Val invested the night through in high school.

though it might be the series" finest season overall, What ns Like about You go veer into disappointing territory with Holly and also Vince"s partnership in its final few episodes, Thankfully, episodes prefer "Garden State" exist, to include some levity to the otherwise sad state of their relationship as Holly finds comfort in no Tina and Lauren, however Vic"s surprisingly beneficial brothers.

In the meantime, Val and Vic find themselves forced to reevaluate your relationship and their future once they discover their drunken marriage was in reality not valid. What follows is a good arc of character growth, as they"re required to discuss their future in coherent terms because that the very first time, all while headed to meet Vic"s brothers.

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1 "Finally" (8.9)

difficult the landing in a series finale is tho something the most series struggle to do to this day. And also although What ns Like around You may have 0nly had an abbreviated four-season run, it"s difficult to uncover much to fault in the series" perfectly wrapped-up collection finale episode, aptly titled "Finally."

The episode reads like a love letter to the series, come its characters, and to its core relationships, complete with love montages that scene. Vic and also Val lastly get the grand, sweeping romantic wedding they deserve, Holly and Vince reunite and also put their egos aside, and even Gary and also Tina lastly get end themselves and admit your feelings. And also they all live happily ever after.

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