So i was rereading Deathly Hallows, and I tho can't number out how they discovered Harry Ron and also Hermione in the Cafe. I know around the taboo but it doesn't do sense due to the fact that Lupin says "Voldemort" later on when they to be hiding in Grimmauld place while the fatality eaters were outside on the square.... I'm confused

Update: So usually they knew that someone defying Voldemort was within Grimmauld place. Why not acquire Snape to enter it or seem like they're making an ext effort trying to number out who's inside? because the taboo pointed them to the place


I imagine Grimmauld location is freed from the taboo because it is unplottable, for this reason they may recognize he stated it, however they don't know where he is.

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To go off what others space saying, Harry and also Lupin to speak Voldemort inside Grimmauld Place. However, the death Eaters cannot enter as result of the Fidelius Charm. During their remain there, the trio an alert a number of ministry agents/death eaters scoping the place out like they recognize it is there, but can't carry out anything about it. The Taboo is helping them locate Harry and the gang, however the Charm on Grimmauld place is more powerful than normal protective measures.

Also to add to that, they don't understand it's the OotP headquarters, or who is inside saying Voldemort. Perhaps they are stupid Snatchers that aren't smart enough to establish it can be the OotP headquarters, or perhaps they correctly guessed it's headquarters, however Snape has convinced Voldemort the he is unable to enter.

They did to speak Voldemort in the cafe, but because of the fidelius charm ~ above 12GP the DEs knew the general location, yet they couldn't view the house.

As for why lock didn't just send Snape, The order put up charms specifically to stop Snape native entering. Im certain he probably might have anyway, however wasn't going to try very hard since he to be a top top the next of good afterall

They said Voldy in the winter 3 times while turning in a counterclockwise motion.

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Just kidding! They just said Voldemort and also it had the tracking charm attached to it. Grim auld place is unplottable so it's "safe"


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