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AUSTIN, Texas -- You know you"re an excellent when Dr. Rubén Pizarro-Silva offers you a nickname.

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Like Colt "Pistolas" McCoy. Jordan "La Liebre" Shipley was The Hare. Derrick Johnson to be "El Comandante," The Commander. Charlie strong is simply "El Jefe."

Texas running ago D"Onta Foreman doesn"t yes, really go by any type of nicknames ~ above a daily basis, yet surely college football"s top rusher deserves one. The one came straightforward for Pizarro when admiring Foreman"s to run style.

Listen come a Longhorns en Español transfer on Saturdays this fall and you"ll listen Pizarro excitedly bellow it out:"TOUCHDOWN LONGHORNS! TOUCHDOWN D"ONTA "EL BÚFALO" FOREMAN!"

Pizarro is the Spanish-language voice the the Longhorns, offer the fútbol americano fans of a state in which almost 40 percent speak Spanish. He"s to be doing this since 1995, long before this business became more popular in college football.

Funny enough, it"s yes, really his next job. Pizarro is a clinical physician during the week. He gained into sports broadcasting to aid pay his means through his residency in Monterrey, Mexico, virtually 30 years ago.

"The broadcasting, i don"t know, it"s just an extremely addictive," Pizarro said. "You want to do it much better every day, every time you walk on the air. God detailed me with a skill collection I didn"t recognize I had."

Jesus Mendoza and also Dr. Ruben Pizarro-Silva have actually been call Texas games because 1995.Max OlsonHe got to Austin top top a whim, selected in a spreading call because that a co-host gig the "Super show Deportivo," a Spanish sports present in 1994 and 1995 sponsored by NFL Films. He"d sworn off the media side as soon as he finished his residency, wanting to emphasis on the sports medicine profession. But the broadcasting service sucked the right back in.

Pizarro has referred to as NFL games, Stanley Cup finals, all-star games, even minor organization baseball, but he dropped in love through Texas football. He attended the Longhorns" 1978 sunlight Bowl video game in El Paso, Texas, and says he was captivated through the logo, the helmet, the brand.

He"d never ever been to a Texas home video game until 1995, his an initial year the the job. He started this humble procedure as the shade commentator for choose games, then shifted come play-by-play after a couple of seasons. Through 1997, Texas was broadcasting every games, home and also away, in Spanish. What started with one regional AM station has actually grown and also grown. Austin came to be the state"s first market to have a Spanish-language sports station a decade ago.

"I recognize the Dallas Cowboys had actually Spanish broadcasts in the 1990s, yet it to be a novelty ago then and also it to be an inexplicable thing," said Craig Way, Texas" English-language play-by-play man. "And you never ever heard about it in university football. Once it started here, I believed it was Texas being ahead the the curve."

Today, Texas" Spanish-language call are available to an worldwide audience thanks to virtual streaming, and some games gain picked up by Sirius XM. Pizarro continues to be amazed by the growing distribution and acknowledges that, when he started, he was doing this for practically no money and also "for the spirit more than the pocket."

That operated for him, since this is still simply one the his many jobs. Pizarro never strayed from the clinical field. That works v a local cardiologist in the mornings. Then he preps for his three-days-a-week sports newscast on Univision. He has actually a 30-minute Sunday night show, too, referred to as "Contacto Deportivo Extra" because that which he hosts, produces, writes, edits and "turns the lights off when I finish."

"With three or 4 jobs, I"ve increased three daughters and also paid because that college for them," he states proudly. "It"s to be so good."

On Saturdays, he"s in ~ his finest. Pizarro calls games with his shade commentator, Jesus Mendoza, and also producer Oscar Meza. His youngest daughter, Daniela, join him in the booth to do the advertisement reads and serve together a spotter-in-training.

The best method to define his broadcasts could be pure enthusiasm. Way, the English-language voice that the Longhorns, appreciates the much more passionate and narrative nature of the way Pizarro sees and calls games.

"The way he calls a game is different, and also the totality Spanish style of calling the is different," method said. "Rubén is a bit an ext of a storyteller through it. It"s a different method of telling it, however it"s the method that translates best to his audience. He to know his audience."

He"s tho a bit of a rarity even in the large 12. TCU began doing Spanish-language broadcasts in 2010, and Oklahoma started its operation last year. The push boxes lock visit typically aren"t meant to accommodate one extra radio crew, therefore they"ve gathered a long list of story from their roadway trips v the Longhorns.

Pizarro called Texas" BCS title game win over USC from the roof of the rose Bowl, best underneath the irradiate towers and right alongside the snipers in ar as a precaution to watch over the crowd. He"s i was sure he maintained them entertained.

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"They"d hear us increasing our voices and also getting agitated throughout the game," he said, "and lock smiled."

A roof over his head can be a luxury some Saturdays. Over the years, he jokes, he"s end up being a "rooftop specialist." He"s dubbed a game in the snow in Lincoln, Nebraska. He once sat in a black color trash bag come stay heat in cold drizzle and also hard wind in ~ the cotton Bowl. The laughs about the time part inebriated and confused Iowa State fans heckled the in Ames, Iowa. This season, in ~ Cal, that couldn"t gain a radio booth therefore he and Mendoza loudly called the game from push box seats beside the NFL scouts.