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If friend belong come the generations that flourished up in the mid-90s, you will remember the ‘Be like the Mike’ Gatorade campaign.

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This power drink has remained popular amongst professional athletes and also youth till today. Uneven you arrangement on drinking the whole bottle at once, you will certainly wonder walk Gatorade walk bad. Let’s discover out.

Does Gatorade walk Bad?

According come the FDA’s requirements, Gatorade comes through the best prior to date, just like other electrolyte drinks. The day on the bottle brand represents an approximate manufacturer estimation for the period with preferably product quality.

So, you can drink Gatorade safely previous that date, although you may notice a flavor declination as time goes on. In general, friend don’t require to issue as lengthy as you save an unopened party in a pantry. In rarely cases, Gatorade have the right to go poor due come improper storage or bacteria contamination.

How long Does Gatorade Last?

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Although the word Gatorade is most generally used to denote this brand of power drinks, Gatorade company offers a wide variety of products. Therefore, you deserve to buy electrolyte water, update beverages in several different flavors, Gatorade protein powder, shake, and also even energy chewing gum.

All these products are shelf-stable, and you have the right to keep lock in her pantry because that years. In fact, one unopened bottle deserve to stay in perfect problem up to three years after the best prior to date printed on the label.

Once you open up a Gatorade bottle, you must keep that in the fridge. Otherwise, your drink will decarbonate in a few hours, and also the taste will be no longer the same.

Gatorade shelf life

Unopened bottle1 to 3 years1 come 3 years
Opened bottle6 to 12 hours3 to 5 days
Home-made1 come 2 days3 come 4 days
Gatorade chewsNo expiration dateUnsafe
Gatorade powder1 to 2 yearsUnsafe

If you prefer the Gatorade powder rather of an power drink, girlfriend will most likely use the all before it spoils. Namely, the powdery Gatorade is safe to consume up to 2 years after ~ its expiration date.

Contrary, making your home-made Gatorade method you must use that in the next pair of days. You can keep that drink at room temperature because that one to 2 days while placing it in the fridge prevents spoilage because that a maximum of four to five days.

5 tips to call If Gatorade has Gone Bad

If you open up a Gatorade bottle and also don’t drink it in a week, it will certainly go bad, also though you save it in the fridge. Even the Gatorade powder will certainly spoil over time. Fortunately, there room clear indications that can show you as soon as it is time to discard the bottle:


Gatorade shade depends top top its flavor. So, you can choose in between white, irradiate blue, and pink drinks. Whichever energy beverage friend prefer, a adjust in the original color signifies that the Gatorade formula has changed.

Your drink color can suddenly fade or gain a really dark shade. In either case, spill the liquid and also throw the empty bottle in the trash.


If you keep a Gatorade drink in the pantry for also long, you may notice the residue at the party bottom. ~ above the various other hand, the sediment at the bottom the the open bottle stored in the refrigerator is a definite indication that you don’t should consume that drink.

You can try to shiver the bottle to dissolve the store again yet then put it down for a while. If you watch the undissolved mass at the bottom showed up within a couple of minutes, that is an indicator that your drink is spoiled.


Typically, Gatorade smells the fruits choose lemon or mango. When you sense a rancid or moldy odor inside the bottle rim, you need to throw it away. The foul odor method your drink is spoiled, and also its usage is unsafe. Part reviews define that negative Gatorade has actually a rotten eggs’ sulfurous smell.


If the Gatorade looks unchanged, girlfriend will recognize its quality by acquisition a sip. That doesn’t issue if girlfriend drink from a bottle or to water the beverage in a glass. If Gatorade has actually gone bad, you will feel a foul, bitterness taste instead of sweet fruity notes.

Mold and also lumps

Bacteria deserve to contaminate both Gatorade drinks and also protein powder. The visibility of eco-friendly or black dots way that mold expansion has occurred. Once you an alert lumps or saliva-like floating in the liquid, discard the bottle immediately. Drinking bad Gatorade may cause nausea and stomach problems.

4 advice to keep Gatorade

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If you buy Gatorade party in bulk, girlfriend will should store them appropriately to expand their shelf life. Her pantry is suitable place for unopened Gatorades, however there are four things you deserve to do to protect against them native going bad:

Keep it away from heat

Gatorade glass bottles ended up being a point of the past in 1998, and also you have the right to only find them as collectibles nowadays. Due to the fact that that year, Gatorade has come in a recycling plastic bottle you need to keep away from the sun and other warm sources.

If you expose Gatorade to a high temperature, plastic microparticles will be released into the liquid and also contaminate it. As a result, your power beverage will certainly contain chemicals that may endanger her health.

Place that in a dark spot

Unopened Gatorade need to be save in a dark, dry place with a room temperature roughly 68 F (20 C) because it maintain its optimal quality and taste in this conditions. The is better to avoid keeping it at a temperature listed below 40 F (4.4 C).

Refrigerate before use

Most civilization don’t prefer lukewarm Gatorade. Place it in a refrigerator an hour prior to use to cool it and get the maximum refreshing effect. Remember that an opened bottle shouldn’t stand for lengthy at room temperature. Seal it tight and put it back in the frozen refrigerator until following use.

Make your very own drink

If you enjoy the Gatorade taste, girlfriend will benefit from having a home-made energy drink always accessible in her fridge. Back it has a short shelf life, the recipe is quick and also easy to prepare, so you have the right to make a weekly habit of preparing the amount girlfriend need.

A bonus is that you will stop the synthetic sugars, dyes, and additives that the purchase Gatorade contains. In addition to water, you need some various other ingredients for a home-made Gatorade alternative, including:

Sugar-free fruit juice, preferably 100% pure fruitCoconut waterHoneyLemon, lime, or mango juiceDash of salt

The ingredients proportion depends on the sweetness and intensity of the taste you prefer. So, you have the right to experiment with different measurements till you discover the recipe most similar to her favorite Gatorade drink.

The hazard of consuming an Expired Gatorade

In enhancement to having actually a long shelf life, Gatorade is among the drink that doesn’t pose any kind of health threats even for consumption after the expiration date. The course, think twice before you seize a Gatorade bottle that has been forget in the pantry because that years. The taste has actually probably changed, and you won’t reap drinking it.

Keep in mind that excessive consumption can have actually a significant impact on her health. Expert athletes can quickly burn every the electrolytes, sugars, and also additives they have within a Gatorade bottle.

On the various other hand, you will ingest extreme sugar by drinking even the smallest Gatorade party if girlfriend don’t execute sports or some demanding physical activity regularly. In most cases, constant Gatorade drinking deserve to eventually result in tooth decay, obesity, love diseases, and also an raised risk of diabetes.

That is especially true for children, whose rehydration requirements are met by plain water, making power drinks unnecessary. However most children occasionally use some power beverage types.

Can You freeze Gatorade?

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If girlfriend visit the Gatorade main site, you will conveniently learn that the manufacturer advises versus freezing its power drinks. It also informs you the exposing the Gatorade beverages at short temperatures deserve to compromise the taste integrity.

Luckily, you won’t decrease the nutrition values also if you frozen the drink since the electrolytes remain unchanged. Remember, you must put a bottle of Gatorade in the freezer top top ultra-fast cooling. Otherwise, you risk bottle shattering if friend forget it and let the liquid freeze slowly.

Some world enjoy the Gatorade slushies they gain by semi-freezing this power drink. There are several approaches to prepare this treat, yet the best one is to to water the Gatorade right into an ice cream cube tray.

Set the freezer thermostat come 32 F (0 C), and leave the tray sits in the freezer overnight. The next morning, take it a couple of cubes, placed them in a blender v some water and your favorite fruit, and also make your very own refreshing drink.

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Gatorade has a lengthy shelf life, and also it is safe to consume after ~ the date on the brand pass. Once you open a bottle, you must keep the in a fridge. It is a refreshing and helpful drink once doing sports or physically strenuous activities, but excessive drink carries some wellness risks.