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Well it depends what gun friend have and the problems you room playing in yet it is usually around 1100 shots.

well the still relies on tempetuire, anywere from 950-1050, however i would certainly recomend that you sell you tank and also then conserve up for a HPA tank friend can obtain a an excellent one the last a many longer and it is far better because fine im sure youve heard ppl tell why HPA/nitro is much better than Co2 so i wont tell you why.- kon arti$t :smokin
Tippmann A5polished internalsE-gripsoon come come3-position stockBTM16 barrel30 hopperscepter 4000 launcherremoteand climate some

It really relies on the temp. Ns normally gain 1000+ but i got it filled one time and also after a 2-3 mainly almost every one of it to be gone ns think cuz it was in a really really warm place co2 musta escaped
there"s this transvestite the likes me, however im not sure if i prefer it back. What must i say to it?
there"s this transvestite the likes me, yet im not certain if i favor it back. What should i say to it?
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