Hot tubs operation on two types of electrical connections. They can run ~ above 110V/15AMPs which are referred to as plug and play hot tubs or they operation on 220V/50AMPS i beg your pardon are described as hard wired hot tubs.  

Generally speaking hot tubs are designed to do optimally and operate most efficiently on a 220V/50AMP hard wired, GFCI safeguarded circuit. That is because every one of the equipment can run at the same time (no limitations) and also because 220v units feature a bigger heater (5.5kw) which can heat the water much faster (than a 110v).  Although 220V/50AMP circuits are the most common there room some models designed to operation on 60-100 AMP circuits. Higher amperage circuits may be compelled if the hot bathtub or spa has multiple jet pumps or multiple heaters such as the instance with dual zone swim/exercise spas which call for 100 amps.  Dual zone swim spas room actually two different units with separate heaters, equipment, and also controls however they are integrated into one contiguous covering for a seamless appearance.

It is the duty of the hot bathtub owner come make certain that the electric connections are made by a standard homeowner or licensed electrician in commitment with the National electric Code (NEC). Over there are numerous sections of the NEC password that require compliance (ie. Section 422-20 and also section 680-42). It is likewise important to make sure you space in compliance with any kind of local and also state electrical codes throughout installation.

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" loading="lazy" class=" wp-image-4295" src="" alt="Hot bath tub Electrical Disconnect" width="171" height="285" srcset=" 180w, 540w" sizes="(max-width: 171px) 100vw, 171px" data-recalc-dims="1" />Hot bathtub 220v electric Disconnect BoxBelow are a few general requirements and also precautions regarding a 220-240V electrical installation, however, the is necessary to referral your hot tub owner’s manual for details requirements for your manufacturer and also model the hot bath tub

The electrical connection to the hot tub must be solitary phase, 220-240 volt 4 wire. The four wires consist of two hots, one ground, and also one neutral and also must be hard wired come the terminals inside the hot bathtub control box. The recommended wire dimension is 6 AWG copper although depending upon distance and length that run could be larger.A shoe box sized metal box, referred to as a disconnect box,  must be set up no closer than 5 feet native the hot tub and no more than 15 feet and also must it is in easily easily accessible to the hot bathtub users.A “GFCI”  (Ground fault Circuit Interrupter) have to be used. The GFCI should likewise be 50AMPs. This is a safety system designed to instantly shut power off come the hot tub when a error or leak from one of the supply conductors come the ground is detected.The electrical circuit for the hot bath tub must be devoted and not common with any other electrical things such as appliances, electrical yard tools, strength tools, etc. That is vital to note that if the hot bath tub circuit is mutual with any type of other electrical loads climate it will an outcome in nuisance tripping of the breaker and also is a safety hazard. It is necessary to keep in mind that use of wrong wire gauge size or improper electric connections may reason nuisance tripping, damages to fuses, damage to hot tub components, damages to electrical box, void hot bath tub warranties and create a safety and security hazard.

The other kind of hot bath tub electrical connection is a 110V/15AMP. These type of hot tubs operation on a continual 15-20 amp family members circuit. Castle are very convenient due to the fact that they commonly don’t need an electrician or any type of of the abovementioned hardwired electrical steps discussed above. Most manufacturers that 110v models supply the cord v a integrated GFCI because that safety. 110v units execute require a committed outlet so the is important to recognize a proper outlet the isn’t shared with any type of other outlets in the home. If the hot tub is plugged right into a shared outlet and other electric items room run in ~ the exact same time together the hot bath tub then the can cause nuisance tripping of the breaker and ultimately develop a security hazard.

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Many 110v plug and also play hot tubs deserve to be easily converted to run on 220v i beg your pardon can administer advantages such together the ability to operation your heater and motor in ~ the very same time. The is crucial to note that most 110V plug and also play spas are smaller sized units, however, there room increasingly an ext larger systems coming ~ above the market.