Understanding how numerous pellets a pellet stoves will use canhelp friend to arrangement how numerous bags of pellets you need to order or even aid you tounderstand even if it is it’s precious installing a pellet stove in the an initial place.

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A variety of factors can influence how countless pellets a pelletstove will certainly go through and also this can incorporate whether the stove is operating atlow or high warmth output settings.

Based top top the mean pellet stoves making use of a 40lb bag ofpellets every 24 hours, a pellet stove will generally burn with 1.67lbs ofpellets every hour. However, this amount deserve to be much more or less depending upon thesize and heat calculation potential of a pellet stove, among other factors.

Our very own pellet cooktop goes through a comparable number ofpellets every hour as the common average, however the number spend can also beaffected by a couple of settings.

We’ve explained in much more detail listed below using our own pelletstove as an example:

Factors that can affect the burn rate ofpellets.The typical range of pellets consumed every hour.How to check the pellet usage rate that apellet stove.How long a bag of pellets will commonly last.How countless bags that pellets you’ll commonly needfor a season.

How countless Pellets does APellet cooktop Use?

Pellet stoves require the use of pellets, commonlymade native wood, come be supplied as the fuel in order to generate heat.

While other creates of stove such as timber burning need youto add the fuel manually come the fire, pellet stoves are digital appliancesand automatically feed the pellets to the fire in the combustion chamberfrom the integrated hopper by making use of a engine- auger.

Pellet stoves room deigned and built differently and can have actually differing fuel intake rates and hopper capacities

Pellet stoves with bigger capacity hoppers deserve to hold morefuel, while pellets stoves with lower than average consumption rate the pelletscan use less fuel every hour.

With a bigger hopper capacity and also lower pellet burn rate, apellet stove can last for numerous hours before you have to re-fuel.

Based ~ above a 40lb bag of pellets lasting for roughly 24hours, a 20lb bag the pellets will as such typically last because that approximately12 hours.

These figures are just averages and expect any particular model the pellet range to deviate contempt from these burn rates and also how lengthy a bag the pellets will last.See specific models of pellet range for their individual pellet usage rates.

How countless Bags the PelletsIn A Ton?

A standard 1 ton pallet holding bags of pellets willcontain 2000lbs that pellets. Based on each bag that pellets typically containing40lb that pellets there will certainly be 50 bags the pellets in a ton.

How numerous Bags that WoodPellets perform I Need?

Based on a family using an typical of 3 lots ofpellets per heating season and also that there room 50 bags the pellets in a ton, thenumber of bags the pellets essential per burn season can be about 150.

Pellets for use v pellet stoves space most commonly sold inbags of 40lb (or 15kg bags in the UK).

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The Pellet fuel Institute explains:

A common homeowner offers 3 loads of pellets per heater season.’


Based on every bag the pellets weighing 40lb and also 1 ton equalling2000lb, about 150 bags the pellets will be forced to store a pelletstove burning for a season.