Last time ns was in ~ the in-law’s farm ns learned around hay. This time we gained a opportunity to sit and chat about the viability that a hay farm.

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The idea

The straightforward idea is to have actually a tiny farm that only does hay. You would only have actually a couple of select piece of equipment and also not a entirety bunch.

This would certainly be rather of doing cash crops, at least at the start.

This would certainly be what to begin for a new farmer since the initial funding you need is lower than what you require for a cash crop farm.


There space a pair of things that are assumed here, so i am walk to overview them right here to offer you an idea.

You space in an area wherein there room farmers that need extra hay. Think around horse farmers, or huge cow operations.You are able to produce high top quality hay.You space able to gain a kind price for hay.You have a farm yard to thrive hay.

Financial investment


Look at all those bales that hay.

As i mentioned, the quantity of initial funding isn’t as lot to start a hay farm.

Here is the breakdown

Baler: $7,500Tractors: $15,000Mower: $10,000Bale wagon : $5,000

In total that would come to $52,500.

Now you’re most likely thinking, “what about a seeder and also a cultivator?”

One of the really nice things about hay is the you don’t need to plant that every year. This method that friend can gain away with not having actually either of those piece of equipment. You have the right to contract out seeding.

I in reality went out and looked because that each item of equipment to make certain that I can find them in ~ the price that i indicated.

Ideally, friend would desire two used tractors if one division down. In that situation you have the right to use the other. Also, the would permit you to pick up bales as they space dropped.


You would likewise need to buy the seeds.

We gauged it to be around $5,000 precious of seed for 50 acres.


The idea would be to sell the hay at about $4.50 per small square bale the hay. For good hay, this in’t unreasonable. Horse farmers are looking for great hay, and also they’re ready to pay because that it.

Here was the thought, ~ above 50 acres you would gain 100 square bales every acre, i beg your pardon is a conservative number.

If we execute the math, that functions out to be.

100 bales x 50 acre = 5000 bales the hay because that 50 acre of land.

At a price of $4.50 that would be:

5000 bales x $4.50 = $22,500

That isn’t a substantial amount of money, however remember that is a conservative number top top the variety of bales you would gain per acre. Therefore, there is a definite opportunity you could make much more based top top yield. Also, over there is the possibility you can make less.

The fluctuation in prices and also yield are just component of the game.

Deliver vs choose up at barn

Your price will have to vary relying on whether you market from the barn or deliver. Every will have their own price due to the fact that you will incur more costs if you deliver.

Take those points right into consideration.

If girlfriend deliver, a great way come factor costs is by a per kilometre cost. Using that form of system you can price accordingly.


One point to think about is whereby you space going to keep the hay.

Here you have a pair of options.

Store that on the farm you own or rent.Deliver hay as quickly as the comes off the field.

Obviously, it would be finest if you might deliver the hay as shortly as you take it it off the field. That would permit you to obtain paid ideal away, and you wouldn’t have to worry around storing the hay in ~ all.

On the other hand, if you save the hay top top your farm there is a cost involved. That way that friend would have to charge an ext for the hay. Something like $4.75 a little square can work. The included $0.25 would be for storing the hay. You could charge an ext depending top top your price of storage.


With all the hay you’re walk to need buyers.

There room a couple of options available to you.

You might use places like Kijiji to market your hay.You can connect with world on social media v Twitter and also Facebook.You can acquire to know civilization in her area and sell your hay v word of mouth.

Finding buyers is going to it is in your among your main goals, otherwise, all your hay would certainly be for naught.

If ns were to perform this, ns would more than likely go v my father in-law, assuming ns were in the area.

However If i were not in the area, ns would use a website and also social media and also word the mouth to aid people find out around my product.

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Additionally, ns would learn who the local steed farmers were and talk come them directly and determine their needs.

Final thoughts

This is speculation yet there are farms out there that carry out this. Ns asked ~ above Twitter to see what human being said

IpjRobson In the Beauce region of #Quebec, over there is a big market because that hay, but it can be fickle~….size the the hay market would be key