You’ve invited your friends and family to her barbecue cookout ~ above the lengthy weekend, but you’re dreading the planning. The worst thing that can take place is come fall short of food during the barbecue, yet you don’t want to buy too lot food that might go to waste. 

Here space some skilled tips for planning how much meat per person you’re walking to need for your barbeque. 

Planning her Menu

The an initial step come ensuring you have a enough stock the meat per person is to decide the food selection for the barbecue. Meat is the ideal choice for the main course, if beverages and other food can be served as next dishes and also appetizers. 

The menu is important due to the fact that if you intended to have actually lots of side dishes, you have the right to sometimes part out less meat per person. If you’re planning to serve large portions because that the main course, it is better to stick to irradiate appetizers.


The spending plan is additionally one an essential factor for your occasion to identify what meat you desire to serve. You need to calculate the lot of meat in ounces or pounds based upon the number of guests you inviting. 

Planning the entire menu while keeping your budget plan in psychic will assist you accurately setup the quantity of meat you call for for the barbecue. 

Role of the Meat

It is vital to know the meat’s duty before girlfriend decide exactly how much meat per human being you need. 

Meat is regularly the key entree in ~ a barbecue, and also you regularly need big portions of it to offer at her cookout. However, if you intend to offer vegetables, pasta, or curry together the meat, you have the right to often cut down ~ above the portions.

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It’s vital to serve a selection of meats and also you need to avoid just serving one or two species of meat. Grilling brats, cooking pork, turkey, chicken, and steak for your guests will make certain that your cookout will certainly be a success. Yet of course, girlfriend don"t need to buy all types for the main entree.

People regularly have to wait because that you to chef the meats, and providing a range ensures castle don’t get bored and continue come look forward to what you need to serve.

Average Meat part Sizes

It is not very complicated to decision the ideal amount of meat you need to purchase for your barbecue. Chefs usually recommend 8 ounces (½ pound) the meat every person. You need around 5-5 ½ pounds to serve approximately 10 come 12 people.

If she serving more than one dish in your entree, girlfriend can set aside ¼ lb per meat type. You’ll need 2½ pounds of each meat because that 10 come 12 people. 


For pork, you have the right to keep ⅓ come ¼ lb of pork per human being if your key course is primarily meat-based. However, because that stew or curry, you might want about 2 come 3 pounds that meat. 

If you"re serving turkey, it need to be one 8-ounce part of turkey every person. Chicken is a little tricky, however for bone-in chicken pieces, serve 1/4 of a chicken every person.

Moreover, civilization are of different ages and also have differed appetites. Girlfriend can enable for 12 come 15 ounces (1 pound) that meat per adult. Youngsters generally execute not have big appetites, for this reason you can have smaller sections for them.

Know the productivity of Meat


While you’ve made decision how countless pounds that meat per human you’re going to buy, you likewise need to aspect in inedible parts like the bones. 

You can choose to have boneless meat. Boneless meat cuts create a higher yield. However, in part meat varieties like chicken or grilled pork, bones improve the flavor and also season the meat better. Skeleton also aid preserve moisture within the meat if cooking.

You can permit ¾ lb of meat per person if she going for a bone-in cut. Smaller portions are recommended for boneless preparations. 

Meat Weight-Loss 

Raw meat has actually a varied yield contrasted to cooked meat. Cooking meat makes it lose moisture and fat through the rise in heat. Two pounds of life meat will weigh in different way from 2 pounds of cooking meat. 

The quantity of meat you offer to your guests comprises the actual meat weight after boning, trimming, and also cooking. Floor meat produces a yield of about 70% and also loses 30% the the raw weight in the preparation process.


It is rather a job to determine just how much the meat girlfriend buy will yield. Remember the every cut of meat produces a different yield. For instance, if you making standard burgers, friend need much more raw meat (25 to 30%). ~ above the various other hand, you will need 50 come 60% more raw meat because that brisket.

Don’t spend too much time trying to be an exact in your calculations. You simply need come be aware of meat-weight ns so the you factor in some extra life meat to have enough to serve everyone.

How lot Meat per Person


Chicken is among the most renowned meats because that a barbecue, specifically chicken wings, and they might run out quickly. So exactly how much chicken do you require per human at her barbecue? 

You can usually count the chicken pieces instead of calculating the per portion weight together this is simpler to do. Entirety birds yield about 60% come 70% the its meat, while boneless piece yield close come 80%. 

It is recommended to offer ¼ part of a totality bird per person. Act this will enable each guest come consume 2 pieces. However, if you serve small cuts, you have to aim because that 3 come 4 pieces per person. 

Bone-in cut yield close come 6 come 7 ounces of meat, enough for a single person. You deserve to keep 1-2 piece per human being (⅓ pound) for boneless meat cuts. Finally, if you’re offer chicken wings, collection aside a larger part per person due to the fact that wings have very little meat. 


Turkey is the star of the occasion at a Thanksgiving celebration. However, cooking turkey needs some prior planning <1>. The right size or weight of the turkey in ounces depends on the variety of guests.

Chefs introduce 1 come 2 pounds (8 ounces) every guest when the turkey is your key entree. 

A party that 10-12 people will need at least 16 come 18 pounds (approximately 250 ounces) of turkey. Girlfriend should permit for part extra load of meat to it is in on the safer side. 

Boneless cuts execute not require large portions per person. 2 pounds (32 ounces per person) is enough for many cut-types. 

Pulled Pork

This meat has actually a much reduced yield, and you will lose about half the meat’s aw weight after cooking. The is served finest in a hamburger or sandwich. 

If you’re cooking pulled pork, how much per human being do you need to buy? In this case, girlfriend can section about ¼ pound (4 ounces) per person. 


When girlfriend cook and also shred the meat, pork will lose much more than 40-50% of the weight. Because that instance, if you have ¼ pounds (12 ounces) of pork, you will yield just 6 ounces of cook pork. The is better to buy part extra ounces of meat once serving many guests if you’re estimating just how much traction pork every person.

Beef Brisket 

Smoked brisket is a renowned meat because that a barbecue. If you want to prepare a brisket, how much per person should you factor in? 

Brisket yields close come 50% the the really weight. You deserve to expect 7 to 8 ounces of cooked meat from 14 ounces of brisket. 1 whole pound the brisket is close to 14 ounces, yet it is less than half a lb after cooking. 

Eight ounces per human being of brisket is adequate for a barbecue. When you’re estimating exactly how much brisket per person, think about if you have actually brisket-lovers in the residence as 8 ounces can not suffice. In this case, you have the right to increase the part size by 2 come 4 ounces per human for the right amount. 

Brisket is served best in plated creates like sandwiches while chopped and also seasoned, or also thinly-sliced. 

Beef Tenderloin

Beef tenderloin is heavy and yields 25% less than its life weight. This is because it loser weight because of fat loss, humidity evaporation, and also Fourtightened muscles. Beef tenderloin offered with hefty side dishes must be minimal to a section size the 2 to 4 ounces every person. 

4 ounces is right if you have actually mainly adults at your gathering. However, festivals and also long-weekends have tendency to increase people’s appetites. You have the right to serve 4 come 6 ounces of beef per human being if you don’t have actually other entrees to companion the beef tenderloin. 

Wondering just how much meat you require for an intimate gathering? You might need at least 12 ounces of beef to feeding everyone. You have the right to increase the amount of beef if you’re no serving many appetizers. Remember to go straightforward on the sides if you’re aiming for 5 come 6 ounces because that each person.


Steak is likewise a renowned meat choice. A well-grilled steak is constantly mouth-watering for civilization who professes to be a carnivore. 

Confused about how lot steak you require per person? This decision relies on the kind of steak you room going come serve. Bone-in cuts yield much less cooked meat because they lose fat and muscle when cooking.


The section size is no very challenging to decide as soon as it comes to steak. Chefs typically recommend buying the same variety of steaks as guests. Smaller sized steaks have less meat, so you can buy 2 per person. 

Twelve ounces the steak will offer you close come ¾ pounds of mass. ½ lb of steak is enough for dishes prefer kebabs, tacos, and sandwiches. 


Grill-masters love grilling ribs because they’re simple to cook as well as very juicy and also flavorful. It is very easy to determine how much ribs per human being is needed. Ribs don’t take much time come grill and also taste great with most sides. You can buy 8 ounces (3 come 4 ribs) every person.

Every ounce of her ribs requirements to it is in seasoned well to enhance the flavor. You can also serve dishes favor pasta or rice to cut down on the variety of rib sections per person. 


Wondering how much fish to serve per person? You have the right to use standard portions of 5 to 8 ounces for each guest. Because that pan-seared fish, make certain to buy 8 come 12 ounces that fish every person.

Fish returns close come 30% the its weight. To it is in on the safer side, friend can section out two fillets or close come 12 ounces of fish per person.


It is safe to section out ⅓ lb of lamb per person. Friend can set aside ½ lb of lamb for civilization with bigger appetites and also ¼ pound with sides. Over there is no collection rule to prepare lamb meat, however the odor is the finest with appropriate seasoning and also pre-heating the grill.

(Check your alternatives for grills! We compared Weber and Broilmaster grills so you can invest her money right.)

Using the Palm to Estimate section Size

Using the palm is going to help you estimate section sizes for you yourself to prevent overeating. However, if you’re cooking for various other people, the section sizes or just how much meat per person may differ widely relying on their appetite and also the dishes castle like.

You might want come stick with measuring the end weights uneven you already know the everyone else at the barbecue eats about the very same amount that meat. In the case, you have the right to use your palm to calculation the portion size.

Frequently asked Questions

How much meat do I require for 25 adults?

For 25 adults, you need 13 to 15 pounds of meat if you’re serving chicken, turkey, beef, or duck. You have the right to increase the portions slightly if your focus is ~ above bone-in cuts.

How lot meat have to a human being eat a day?

A human being should eat 5½ ounces the meat a day together recommended by health experts.

How many world will 10 lbs of meat feed?

10 lbs that meat will certainly feed approximately 18 come 20 people.

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Several components decide just how much meat per person that you have to buy because that a barbecue. Nevertheless, you have to primarily emphasis on the number of guests, the type of meats, and also the cut you are getting. If you are an extremely familiar with your guests and their appetites, you can frequently make her judgment about adjustments come the section sizes.