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Accurately measuring a shooting of alcohol is important. Whether you’re trying come accurately do a cocktail, or even just desire to make certain your drink tastes good, friend can’t simply be putting vodka willy-nilly. However, what wake up if there’s no shooting glass to be found? Well, transforms out there are a couple of different choices to resolve your problem. Yet first, if we’re going to delve right into the people of accurate pouring, there room a couple of other points we must discuss.

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How Much is a Shot?

Turns out, shoot glasses aren’t exactly standardized. Some room 1 oz, some 1.5 oz, large ones room usually 2 oz, the perform goes on. Many don’t have actually their dimension written on lock anywhere, therefore you’re left approximating how large of a shooting it will hold. This same issue holds true for recipes. If it calls because that one shot, that can vary a an excellent deal depending on who the writer of the cooking recipes is and also where lock live –standard shot dimension varies from country to country. Now, this can all it seems ~ like splitting hairs a bit, however if you’re do something that demands really exact measurements, climate it’s worth it –your taste sprout (and hangover possibly) will say thanks to you.

In the US, 1.5 oz for a shot is (very) generally the conventional measurement, therefore let’s go through that.

Measure a Shot without a shooting Glass

Now, earlier to the problem at hand –measuring out a shot without utilizing a shot glass. Below are a few options you can try if her fresh out of shots glasses, some are even an ext accurate!

Measuring Spoons


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A tablespoon holds around 1/2 oz the liquid. So, use 3 of those and also you have yourself a 1.5 oz shot. Or, if you’re really the end of luck and only have teaspoons, you have the right to do some math and also use that as well (the answer is 9, for the multiplication impaired the end there. 9 teaspoons = 1.5 oz). This only works for actual measure spoons though, a continuous spoon native the drawer won’t work, silly.

Medicine Cup


Go check out your medication cabinet and chances space you’ve acquired one that those tiny plastic medicine cups in over there (check on top of the NyQuil, because that example). Perfect! What’s an excellent about this is that, when they additionally vary in size, they always have measurement lines printed on the cup (something about accurate dosing of medication being important…). Most are 1 oz or 2 oz, which makes them basic to usage as teeny small alcohol measuring cups.

Solo Cups


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If you’re law a lot of drinking however somehow don’t have actually a shooting glass handy, opportunities are you’ve acquired a bunch the red solo cups lying around. And though this college dorm form scenario doesn’t quite bode well with the need to pour exceptionally accurate shots, let’s just go v it. Hey, possibly there space some frat boys out there who room really persnickety about their cocktails, girlfriend don’t know.

Anyway, there are cases out over there on the interwebs the the currently on solo cup correspond to the precise pouring measurements of various alcohol (the bottom line for shots, the center for wine, the peak for beer). And while Dart (the firm the renders the cups) has declared that this isn’t true, girlfriend can entirely still use them to measure.

The bottom line on the solo cup is 1 oz, so you’ll have to change a little bit if you’re searching for our magic 1.5 oz, but it’s still totally workable. And also if you’re in search of larger measurements, the center line is 5 oz and the peak is 12 oz.

Make Your own Measuring Cup


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Ok, so you don’t have any sort of measure up device. As long as you have actually something with a well-known size, you have the right to make your own measuring cup by making use of displacement. For example, a ping pong sphere is almost always 1 oz (1.1 oz to be exact), therefore you deserve to use that.

Fill a clean plastic cup half way with water, then note the level v a sharpie. Now, submerge the ping pong ball and mark the brand-new surface level. Take it the ping pong ball out and fill the cup with water to the level you simply marked. Repeat this process one much more time so you now have two lines and also the liquid in in between will be same to one ounce.

Now, pour just the water in between those 2 lines the end of this cup into a brand-new plastic cup. This time, mark the level the this new one oz amount in the new cup. (Feel cost-free to proceed to execute this one ounce at a time and also marking lines together you walk in the new cup till you have actually 1 oz lines all the means to the peak to have actually a decent measuring cup when you’re done.)

Once you’re done, you’ll have actually a plastic cup through perfect 1 oz offer lines marked on it. Boom, science.

Learn to complimentary Pour


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This one takes a bit of shot glass-lack anticipation, and certainly isn’t helpful in the moment. Yet why not find out to free pour like a boss? then you’ll never need one that those pesky shoot glasses again.

Get one of those pour spouts, favor they use at bars, and practice with a bottle of water. Counting to four as you pour the water into a cup. Then measure the water you poured to see how you did. If friend did that right, the four-second count have to yield 1.5 oz of water. Exercise and change your count speed accordingly until you have the right to accurately count the end the perfect pour every time.

Now you should be collection for most any type of situation requiring precise pour that liquor. But, if every else fails, just guess… and also then add a tiny more. Strong drinks space good.

Any other methods you need to get precise shot?

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