Where come Buy 2021-22 Chicago Bulls Tickets

Primary industry tickets because that Bulls consistent season home games will be viaTicketmaster.

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On the secondary market, lennythewonderdog.net has actually Fee-FreeChicago Bulls ticketswhich additionally include a Refund Guarantee. Our Refund Guarantee states that if an occasion is canceled or deemed unfit because that fans to attend, lennythewonderdog.net will certainly refund ticket buyers in as shortly as 15 days. That means that you can buy from lennythewonderdog.net worry-free. Customers on lennythewonderdog.net save between 15%-25% contrasted to other second market ticketing sites



How much Are 2021-22 Chicago Bulls Tickets

The typical price because that Bulls tickets is $225, and also is boost of 69% from the 2019-2020 season. The is the 6th highest boost in the NBA. The many expensive home game of the season is the Dec. 19th matchup at the united Center against the Lakers, v tickets beginning as cheap together $158 in ar 304. ~ above Jan. 14th they play the warrior at home. Get-in prices because that this one start at $105, while the the very least expensive reduced level ticket can be uncovered for together low as $273. Additionally, castle matchup through the Knicks on Dec. 2nd at Madison Square Garden. You can see these groups square turn off at the Garden for together low as $94 top top the second market.

Chicago Bulls 2021-22 Attendance Policy

Information about the Chicago Bulls to update 2021-22 attendance policy and also potential capacity borders or vaccine/negative check requirements has actually not to be released. This information is expected to be released closer come the start of the 2021 -22 continual season.

Chicago Bulls mobile Ticketing

The Bulls havemobile ticketingavailable via the Chicago Bulls App, which enables fans to buy, sell, and also transfer tickets, and enter the united Center. Document tickets have the right to no much longer be printed. The team offers an extensive guide to mobile ticketing.

Chicago Bulls 2021-22 Season Tickets

Fans feather to become Chicago Bulls season ticket members have the right to request more information ~ above the Bulls website. For the 2021-22 season, 10-game and also 20-game packages space also easily accessible .

Where room Club seat in the unified Center

The Bulls and also United center offer number of premium experiences, including rental suites, the BMO Club, theatre Boxes and Executive Suites.

Rental Suites

Suites are situated on the Club and Penthouse levels and also accommodate up to 20 people. This suites incorporate a full-service wet bar v a refrigerator and also food company by levying Restaurants. Suites come with four parking passes.

BMO Club

Located on the edge of the court below Section 74, the BMO Suite accommodates 20 people. This suite consists of food and beverage and also comes v a huge table an ideal for conference or eating. Four parking passes space included, as well as accessibility to a pool table and also gaming system.

Theater Boxes

These boxes are located on the society Suite Level along the east side of the unified Center. These four-person boxes encompass seats 28 rows over the floor and accessibility to a high-end buffet and two bars. Two parking passes space included.

Super Suites

Located behind the backboards ~ above the Penthouse Level, super Suites accommodate approximately 40 or 80 people, incorporate eight or 16 parking passes, and food is listed by levy Restaurants. The suites room 1,400 square feet.


Where to Buy 2021 Chicago Bulls Tickets

Primary market tickets because that Bulls home games starting on might 7th will very first be obtainable to Bulls Season Ticket Holders, who will have priority access to acquisition single-game tickets throughout an to exclude, presale home window on May 3rd and 4th. Any kind of fans who acquisition a season ticket plan for next season currently will it is in granted accessibility to this exclude, presale. This will be following by a basic on sale on May fifth at 10 a.m. CT viaTicketmaster. Tickets can only it is in purchased in teams of two or four.

On the an additional market, lennythewonderdog.net has actually Fee-FreeChicago Bulls ticketswhich likewise include a Refund Guarantee. Ours Refund Guarantee claims that if an occasion is canceled or deemed unfit because that fans to attend, lennythewonderdog.net will certainly refund ticket buyers in as quickly as 15 days. That method that you deserve to buy native lennythewonderdog.net worry-free. Customers on lennythewonderdog.net save in between 15%-25% compared to other second market ticketing sites

Chicago Bulls 2021 Attendance Policy

Fans will be ago at the United center for the an initial time in 2021 because that the team"s march 7th game versus the Boston Celtics. Attendance will be minimal to 25% volume or just over 5,200 fans every game.

United center COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols


Health happen by CLEAR: The Bulls room partnering with health Pass by clear to assist you enter the united Center and also confirm your health screening requirements prior to the game. To obtain set-up:

Complete your CLEAR pre-arrival wellness survey on video game day and also have the perfect bar code screen ready to present security upon arrival.


We will just be distributing mobile ticket this season – record tickets will not be distributed. All mobile tickets must be presented on a smartphone for game entry and also will function a rotating barcode. As a result, screenshot or printouts will certainly not work for entry into the arena this year.


In accordance with new United center health and also safety protocols, no bags are allowed, including purses, little clutches, and handheld wallets. Very restricted exceptions will certainly be created medically-required bags and diaper bags (no bigger than 14x14x6) once an child is present.


All guest entering the United facility over the period of 2 are required to stay a challenge mask that completely covers their nose and also mouth.

Face masks are required to be worn at all times while within the arena other than when actively eating or drinking.Permitted confront masks: operation masks, medical-grade masks, or multi-layer towel masks.Not Permitted face masks: single layer cloth masks, neck gaiters, bandanas, and also masks through valves or vents.


Standard physical distancing techniques will be applied upon entering and throughout the arena.

Seat locations will be arranged to promote physical distancing.Dedicated entrances and also exits based on ticket place to rationalization entry and exit.Refrain from collection in groups in concourses and also lounge areas.Floor decals will ensure at the very least six feet in between all guest in concession and retail queues.


Upon reopening the arena in a minimal capacity, some guest experiences including concessions, dining, and also retail offerings, and also entertainment experiences might be amendment or unavailable.

Cashless Transactions: The United facility will it is in a cashless arena because that the remainder that the 2020-21 season to encourage contactless payment for food and beverage or sleeve purchases.

Fans who are holding cash and also do not have credit or debit cards can purchase United facility gift cards at pick retail locations in their designated fan area.

Reduced call Concessions:

Mobile ordering and also modified menus availableSuspended beer vending in the arena bowlPackaged utensils and also condiments will certainly be easily accessible across concessionsActive eating and drinking allowed in a seat or designated dining locations only

For much more information, visit the Bullswebsite.


How lot Are 2019-20 Chicago Bulls Tickets

Face value tickets because that 2019-20 Bulls tickets start at $40 for the lower-demand enemies up come $70 because that the highest demand opponents, prefer the Lakers. Challenge value for Warriors tickets start at $60, if the cheapest tickets available for the Clippers starts in ~ $55. 100-level seats because that the Lakers begin at $250 behind the basket in ar 116, while lower-demand games in the very same section begin at $120.

On the second ticket market, prices for Chicago Bulls ticket on the second market is under 52% from last season, make it one of the best deals in the league. The cheapest video game at the United center this season is the November 20 game against Detroit, withe the cheapest ticket on the secondary market listed for $21. Despite that fall in prices, the cheapest ticket top top the second market is significantly an ext expensive 보다 tickets directly from the team. For the Lakers game, the cheapest ticket on the secondary market is $121, 70% greater than the cheapest ticket straight from the team. For the home opener against the NBA champion Raptors, the cheapest ticket on the an additional market starts at $67, if the cheapest ticket directly from the team is $40.

What room Season Tickets and also Partial Plan choices At the joined Center

Among the season-ticket alternatives at United facility are Courtside Seats that include access to the Magellan Club, i m sorry has free food and also beverage. Courtside chair ticket holders have the right to use a personal entrance come the east Atrium and also get in-seat beverage service.

Season-ticket seats on the 200-level get access to the Stadium club Restaurant, a exclusive concourse, in-seat wait service, and also private lounge areas.

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