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A home bar is a good idea for those who desire to lug the bar atmosphere straight to their residence to share with family and friends. This is a great way to stock drinks in your residence without having actually to pay for the overpriced bar tabs.

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A house bar is typically installed one of two people in a basement or also outdoors. The price of installing a bar will certainly vary relying on the size you want, the functions you are interested in and also the setup.

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How much does a residence bar cost?

On average, a house bar is going to expense anywhere native $500 because that those who desire to carry out it themselves with a straightforward design to an ext than $10,000 to $15,000+ because that a experienced looking bar excellent by a professional. As with any home development project, that will depend on the limit of her project, the materials, finishes, geographical location and also contractor girlfriend choose. To give you a great idea, professional building contractors say to budget around $350 per linear foot for a straightforward install.

A an easy 45-degree bar, because that example, which has tendency to it is in the most popular, would cost approximately $2,000 come $4,000 if mounted by a expert contractor. A straight bar will be significantly less due to the fact that the style is a lot of simpler. Bars ~ above the greater end have tendency to it is in made native a premium wood and also will have actually granite counters.

For an out bar, numerous tend to select a tiki bar. A tiki bar can expense anywhere native $200 come $3,000. A higher-end, customizable tiki bar will certainly usually price a little much more than a typical pre-built bar.

Pre-made bars that seat two to four people or more can cost anywhere from $200 to $600 depending on the style and also size. This bars may already be built, while some may need come be put together just like furniture.

Angie’s list notes that the average cost of a small bar have the right to be $2,000 come $4,000, if a bigger bar through a lot of of attributes can expense $6,000 come $12,000. Because that example, they note a bar with tile flooring and also marble countertops can expense $6,000 to $12,000.

According to, a practice wet bar with a granite countertop, glass tile backsplash, glass shelving, puck lighting and also a stainless steel undermount sink could price $19,560.

Home bar overview

There room three common options when that comes down to building a residence bar. This can include hiring a contractor to build a customized alternative or purchase a produced bar that’s currently prebuilt. The last option have the right to be a DIY residence bar, where you would certainly take ~ above the entire project yourself and follow some sort of blueprint. The contractor option will constantly be the many expensive option and will be able to do everything from building the bar come installing electric outlets. A manufactured bar will be prebuilt or the may need to put together prefer furniture. This bars tend to be very simple and won’t have a many of choices like a tradition build. Lastly, a DIY option can frequently follow a blueprint discovered online and also you will have to do every the work-related on your own.

With many bars, regardless of the method you build it, will frequently use a hardwood or natural rock countertop. Hardwood is a an excellent option due to the fact that it tends to it is in the many affordable option and depending on the type, the can display a pretty appearance. Natural rock counters will be the other countertop option and can include either marble or granite. This form will it is in the most expensive option, but it’s may be to resist a the majority of wear and tear and also is likewise capable the resisting fluid stains.

Although there is a selection of styles and shapes, most house bars will either be a right line or shaped together an L. Together for the bar dimensions, the standard elevation will be 42 inches native the floor and also this enables a traditional 30-inch bar stool to set patrons comfortably in ~ the bar. As for ttophop surface, it will be 16 come 20 inches wide on average.

Common devices used in a bar can include the following: recording sinks, 3-bin sinks, glass washers, drainboards, soda guns, ice bins, rate rails, blender stations, breeze beer stations, bar coolers, hand sinks and also ice machines.

Depending on the bar setup, some civilization often replace the floor around the bar to provide it its own feel. Tile flooring is often the most famous option due to the fact that it’s able come clean up spills easy and also can do the bar’s setting look nice.

What room the extra costs?

If you want to add a keg or a devoted refrigerator in order to store the drink chilled, this will certainly be an extra cost to consider. Installation a bar-sized refrigerator can cost around $500.

If the area girlfriend are picking does not have the proper plumbing or electric setup, this may require much more work since a kitchen sink will more than likely be required. The electric outlets will be essential for item such as a refrigerator and blender. Installing a brand-new outlet can price $200 come $400 while installing new plumbing to a sink deserve to be more than $500+

Bar stools can price anywhere native $50 come $300 every stool, and this will depend on the size and also material.

Other miscellaneous accessories such as pictures and light fixtures space items to consider.

Some opt to tear increase the flooring about the bar area and also install either tile or wood flooring. Relying on the form of flooring girlfriend choose, this can expense anywhere indigenous $1 come $5 every square foot.

Don’t forget you have to stock the bar. breaks under the liquor girlfriend will that doesn’t rest the bank.

Wet bar vs dry bar

A wet bar will have a sink with running water and a drain, while a dry bar won’t have any plumbing, however instead, it’s designed come simply organize bottles and also accessories. A dry bar can often be portable because no plumbing and/or electrical will be associated to it. A wet bar, ~ above the various other hand, will have to be associated to a plumbing and/or electrical resource and will be permanent.

How have the right to I conserve money?

Highly consider building a bar yourself. There are many bar plan source sites virtual that can assist you pick out a bar setup that suits her needs. Even if you space unsure exactly how to carry out the plumbing and also electrical work, girlfriend can constantly outsource these smaller jobs and do the remainder yourself.

When hiring a contractor, be certain to asking around and talk through at least three contractors. Services such as can aid you find the cheapest quote in your area. Remember the the cheapest quote is not constantly going to median the finest work. That is additionally advisable to look because that previous occupational that has actually been done by the agency you choose.

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If you want a manufactured home bar, consider purchasing one provided on Craigslist.