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Willie Mays is an above baseball player. Ns don"t need to tell girlfriend that. But let"s run v some rapid stats.

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24 x All-Star, 12 x Gold gloves winner, 2 NL MVP, 1979 hall of Fame, and also a World collection Champion.

Not to mention he hit 660 house runs.

As of this writing, Mays is 89 years old and also of course has stopped signing autographs. Very couple of authentic autographs remain.

So we recognize Mays is a great player and also an autograph that needs to it is in in our collection.

What do we gain signed?

1st, let"s speak authentication. Authenticity when it involves autographs is paramount.

When purchase for your Willie Mays autograph friend may notice items that have this "SAY HEY" hologram on there.


Sounds legit right? the is Willie Mays" personal authenticity hologram. Has to be real!

Slow under there. Countless of this holograms have actually been copied and the autographs space not actual in mine opinion. That sells an yes, really Willie Mays signed photograph for $50? That have to be your huge red flag right there.

Do yourself a favor and also stay away from autographs through the say Hey hologram.

My pointer is come buy items without the to speak Hey hologram (not with, however without), that are authenticated by JSA, PSA/DNA, or Beckett Authentication (BAS), preferably recently.


One various other thing come note, but the Mays layout autograph that has actually a ton that "flair" come it. Meaning it isn"t short and block layout like those Mays to speak Hey hologram items. Should have actually a nice huge W and also a large M with several movement and no consistency.

Now that we acquired that the end of the way, what must you get?

Stick come autographed baseballs. This is the most renowned item among baseball collectors, have tendency to be fairly inexpensive, and also do no take up lot space. Really easy come display.

"The Catch" picture is more than likely Mays" most popular item to obtain signed, however 99% of these have actually that speak Hey hologram. Last I checked a legit among these had actually a $400 asking price.


Don"t sleep ~ above the various other high high quality photos the Mays either. There are iconic pictures with Mickey Mantle and other room of Fame football player available.

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Bats and also jerseys are also highly seek after yet carry a hefty price tags ($1500 + because that jerseys). If acquiring a jersey, be sure it is one officially licensed one. No point in acquiring one the baseball"s ideal players on a cheap tradition jersey.