Peppers are some of the many versatile ingredients to cook with. From stuffed bell peppers to homemade warm sauce, the alternatives are basically endless. Today, we desire to re-publishing a simple technique for how to do jalapeno powder together a spicy seasoning for other foods.

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Fresh jalapeños add good flavor come home–cooked meals. However, when you dehydrate and grind them into a powder, the flavor becomes much more concentrated. It is perfect because that an different to cayenne flour or chili flakes!

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Jalapenos ground into flakes. You can grind them more into a fine powder.

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How To do Jalapeno Powder

This short article is concentrated on utilizing fresh jalapeños to create flakes or powder. Either fresh off the tree or store-bought will work fine for this process. Let’s obtain started v our jalapeno flour recipe!

1. Choose Ripe Jalapeños

Jalapenos have distinct stages of ripeness. End the course of the summer, jalapenos change in color from irradiate green, come dark green, to practically black, and also finally to red.

The timing of as soon as you choose jalapenos will have actually an influence on both flavor and also heat level. A less-ripe pepper will have a far less sweetness and also will additionally have less heat. ~ above the various other hand, completely ripened red jalapeno peppers will be softer, and much an ext sweet and spicy.


For jalapeno powder, it is finest to pick peppers that space on the verge of turning red, or completely red peppers. This will market the most heat and sweetness to her powder.

If you desire a much more tart and also mild jalapeno powder, feel complimentary to use eco-friendly peppers. At some point this will come down to preference, however it is good to recognize the differences in outcome.

2. Clean & slice Peppers

Once you have selected your peppers, it’s time to prepare them. First, clean all your peppers thoroughly under cold water. Next, part off the stems, and also halve the jalapenos lengthwise.

Tip: cut peppers across the placenta to do seed-removal easier.

Slice throughout Placenta For basic Seed Removal

Finally, remove as plenty of seeds as possible. You might think, “Oh no! taking the seed out is going to do my jalapeno powder less spicy.” However, this isn’t have to true.

Most that the warm is in the placenta that the pepper. To store your flour hot, shot to delicately remove just the seeds, leaving as much of the placenta together possible.

To discover more, watch our post on what makes peppers hot here.

Why eliminate seeds in ~ all?

Seeds must be gotten rid of for 2 reasons. One is the the seeds will certainly not grind into a flour as conveniently as the pepper’s flesh. Seeds room tougher and will require much more blending to become powdered.

The 2nd reason to eliminate seeds is the they deserve to be saved for planting next season! If you are using appropriately ripened peppers, this seeds deserve to be dried on a plate for a couple of days and also then save on computer until next planting season. Learn much more about saving seeds in our article here.

However, some civilization like to store seeds in their pepper powder or flakes, and also that is totally fine!

3. Dehydrate Jalapeños

We wrote comprehensive article on just how to dehydrate jalapenos here. The drying process can be excellent in a variety of ways, but your score is come remove all of the moisture from her jalapenos. The best method is come use a dehydrator, i beg your pardon is made specifically for this task.

Recommended dehydrators:

However, dehydration deserve to be achieved in the stove at low heat. We recommend reading our article on dehydrating peppers, yet here is a fast roundup on just how to dehydrate jalapenos.

In The Oven


Most world don’t have a dehydrator, so girlfriend may have to use the oven. Most ovens have actually a minimum warmth of about 200°F. This will cause your peppers to cook slightly during dehydration, however will additionally dry the peppers an ext quickly.

Time needed:12 hours.

Dehydrating Jalapenos in the Oven

Preheat oven to lowest temperature

This is typically about 175-200°F.

Arrange peppers on an oven-safe cookie dry sheet

This enables air to circulate all about the pepper. Place peppers challenge down (the the opposite of what we did in this photo works much better (learned native trial and error!).

Place on a baking sheet

The baking sheet will ensure peppers don’t fall into your oven once they shrivel and dry.

Bake for 6-12 hours or till peppers snap as soon as bent

Peppers must be brittle, v no bending in ~ all.


In A Dehydrator

If girlfriend do have a dehydrator, friend probably recognize what you’re doing already. However, here is a rapid guide to dry Jalapenos in your dehydrator.

Set temperature to 125°FArrange peppers ~ above the drying rackDehydrate because that 12-24 hrs or until brittle

Using a dehydrator is recommended since you retain more of the spicy heat and also the as whole flavor. Dehydrating in the oven causes the peppers to cook, taking away heat and also flavor along the way.

4. Pulse In Blender Or Grinder

Now the you have completely dehydrated jalapenos, you are prepared to grind them into a powder. This action is simple. Properly dried peppers are simply asking to end up being powder.

Simply put them right into a blender and also pulse until your powder reaches the preferred consistency. If friend don’t have a blender, an affordable coffee grinder functions well too.

Tip: Don’t add any ingredient (like salt) if pulsing. You have the right to mix in other ingredients after ~ the peppers have actually been powdered.


For the most part, the peppers will have a an excellent flavor on their own. However, you have the right to mix in various other spices or herbs to make a custom blend.

Pepper blends can be supplied for dry rubs top top grilled meats and also fish, or as a flavor-booster for soups and stir fry. You have the right to also try using a pepper powder blend to do a spicy aioli.

5. Store In a spice Container

With her ground jalapeno powder complete, all the is left is to save it in one air-tight container. You can buy glass spice containers for cheap ~ above Amazon here. Girlfriend can likewise use a glass jar like a mason jar, or a leftover summer sprouts container.

If reusing glass containers, boil them front of time to disinfect and also ensure maximum warehouse life for your jalapeno powder.

Jalapeño flour Uses

Now the you have delicious, spicy, powdered jalapeno, it’s time to use it! right here are a couple of ideas on how to use jalapeno powder in cooking.

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Put that in a shaker and include to pizza, tacos, salads, etc.Make one aioli by mixing v mayonnaise and citrus juiceDry rub it on chicken or other meats because that grillingSpice increase soups and stews that require an extra kick

What will certainly you do v your homemade ground jalapeno powder? re-superstructure your principles in the comments below!