Waka Flocka Biography

Waka Flocka flame born Joaquin James Malphurus is one American rapper that was born in brand-new York. He is also a truth star of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta. His phase name Waka, offered to him by his cousin, was acquired from the catchphrase ” Wocka Wocka” used by a character, Fozzie Bear native The Muppets vice versa, the surname “Flocka Flame” was provided to the by Gucci Mane.

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Waka Flocka Age and also Birthday

Flocka is 34 years old together of 2020. He to be born on may 31, 1986, in new York. He celebrate his birthday on the 31st of may every year.

Waka Flocka Height

Flocka is fairly a tall guy. He stands in ~ a elevation measurement of 6 feet 3 inches. As soon as he to be younger, he wanted to become a basketball player.

Waka Flocka’s photo

Waka Flocka Family

Flocka originates from an upper-middle-class family. His mom is named Debra Antney. Debra was the CEO of one artist management firm called Mizay Entertainment. His mommy has also represented Gucci Mane a famed American rapper.

Flacko had a younger brother who was additionally a rapper called KayO Redd. Redd committed self-destruction at his house in Henry County, Georgia, in 2013. He also had one older brothers who passed away in a vehicle accident.

The identification of his dad is unknown. There room no details around him the the family members have revealed publicly. To be updated

Waka Flocka Wife

Flocka flame is married to his lovely wife Tammy Rivera. Waka married Tammy in 2014. Because that the place of wedding rings, the pair had matching tattoos on their fingers.

Wedding Ring Tattoos

Flocka has the initials “Tammy” tattooed on his ring finger and his mam Tammy has actually her ring finger tattooed the initials “Waka.” The two opted no to walk for the tatooes rather of rings.

Waka Flocka youngsters | Daughter

When Flocka married Tammy Rivera, she had actually one child, a daughter called Charlie Rivera from her previous marriage. Waka is raising and treating Charlie Rivera as his very own daughter.

Does Waka and Tammy have a child together?

Waka and Tammy execute not have a boy together. They, however, have a daughter named Charlie Rivera whom Tammy had actually from she previous relationship with Brian Williams.

Waka Flocka i know good Hop Career

Flocka to be not initially interested in pursuing a music career. He wanted to end up being a basketball player but not till he to be 14 year old. At 14, he acquired an interest in music ~ he saw Gucci Mane performing on stage. At the time, Gucci was represented by Waka’s mother Debra. Adhering to the inspiration, he began writing his very own raps and working through a regional producer named Tay Beatz.

Flocka and also his producer of the time Tay placed together a mix-tape that launched Flocka’s career. V Flocka’s mother and Gucci Mane’s mutual connection, Waka became a member that Gucci’s “1017 Brick Squad.” that then started frequently special in Gucci’s tracks.

In 2010, Waka exit his debut album called Flockaveli which remained in honor of Tupac Shakur’s alter-ego, Makaveli. The album debuted at number six on Billboard hot 200.

In 2011, Waka exit a cooperation album with Gucci Mane called Ferrari Boyz. In 2012, he released his second solo album called Triple F Life: Friends, fans & Family. The album, that featured Drake, Nicki Minaj, Ludacris, and Meek Mill.

The rapper also released the 3rd solo album in 2013 referred to as Flockaveli 2. In in between the albums and after the 3rd solo album, Flocka released some mixtapes and collaborated with other artists on their albums.

In 2018, Flocka announced that he had retired from rap.

Waka Flocka Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta

Flocka is a television fact star. Together with his mam Tammy Rivera, lock star ~ above the reality collection Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta. Flocka and also Tammy join the cast in season three of the truth series. His mommy Debra additionally appears in the show.

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Wacka Flocka net worth

Flocka is an rapper and also a television fact star. His network worth built up from his career as a rapper and television truth star is estimated to be $7 million as of 2021.