Most football player don’t understand the worth of being able to dribble, shoot, and pass with both hands no issue the position they play. Plenty of athletes tend to favor one hand end the other because it’s their dominant hand and more comfortable. If you"re looking to play in high institution or college, that is supposed of girlfriend to be able to use both hands and can even be the deciding element when acquiring a spot on a team.

The players that are comfortable utilizing both hands space the athletes that stand out. They can crossover and also overtake your defender quickly with eye on the court. They can swiftly curve any type of bounce pass v the defender’s arms, and they deserve to make the breakaway layup no issue which method they’re being pushed. Below are three tips native the Doug Bruno girl Basketball Camp staff to help players become an ext comfortable utilizing both hands.

1. Dribble with Both HandsWhen make the efforts to construct your non-dominant hand, dribbling have to be the an initial place that you start. Begin by keeping your leading hand behind her back, forcing you yourself to usage your weak hand to dribble. Practice this and also after time the will begin to feel an ext and more comfortable.

Once you have mastered that, try adding in a 2nd basketball and dribble with each hand in ~ the very same time. Mental to store your elbows behind the ball and also force the ball into ground while maintaining your head up. This will improve your coordination and ball handling skills in both hands. Gift able to dribble with both hands gives a substantial advantage over your opponent, you can now dribble down the court top top the right and left next which renders it much harder because that the defender come guess which direction you setup to go.

2. Weak Hand PassingAnother way to build your weak hand is through assorted passing drills. Take a partner, stand ten feet apart, and put your dominant hand behind her back. With one ball, pass and also receive with only your weak hand. As you progress, you can increase the rate and an obstacle your partner! every player have to pass with their non-dominant hand twenty time equaling one set. Start with four sets and also increase as you feel more comfortable.

3. Off-Court TipsAlthough the is essential to do a point to emphasize using both hands in practice, measures need to be made roughly the clock to understand this skill. Doing daily activities with her non-dominant hand will form the suitable habits and permit you come feel more comfortable using that hand. We recommend girlfriend eat and cut her food, open doors, drawers and packages, comb your hair, brush your teeth and also use her phone all with your non-dominant hand.

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Initially, all these tasks will feel foreign yet if you continue to be consistent, the will become a routine.

Implementing these exercise tips will help you feel an ext comfortable using your non-dominant hand, which allows for a smooth transition onto the court. Because that further aid with her game, examine out an ext drills and also tips and join us this summer at a Doug Bruno girls Basketball Camp!