Lugia is situated in the deepest depths of Navel Rock, an island near the Sevii archipelago. In order to get to Navel Rock, one must have actually the Mystic Ticket (an discontinued promotional item) and the. Just how TO gain EON TICKET IN POKEMON EMERALD v NO cheat OR hacking Duration: 17:08.

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Pokemon Emerald| Lugia event Navel rock & just how to capture (without grasp Ball). Zero Lugia can not be derived in Pokemon Emerald. Deserve to only be acquired in the game Pokemon XD native the video game cube. -101 request in Pokemon,Pokemon silver- Gold and Crystal,Pokemon Diamond Pearl and. These space the codes i used: master Code(must it is in on at all times) 9266FA6C97BD 905B5ED35F81 B76A68E5FAB1 birth Island warp code19C67C656689 94318B106753 Faraway Island warp code you can find ho-oh&lugia on navy rock but you require an auroa p*** you need myste you can discover ho-oh&lugia on marine rock yet you need an auroa p*** you require mysterygift for. That and also you can acquire deoxys on bear island however you need to comeplete the triangle puzzle. Lugia is a Pychic/Flying Pokemon so usage a Dark Pokemon to battle it.

If you don’t have one that those then use an Electric, Ice, absent or Ghost Pokemon. Ho-Oh is a Fire/Flying Pokemon. Catching Ho oh 1. Insert the Navel absent code.

The password is 842CB8A9 7F8B0149. Insert the code through a room between 9 and also 7, and also then 2. Discover the cave. Indigenous the docks, head north and then go into Navel Cave. When inside, head directly until you find a 3. Walk southeast come find another ladder. If you have actually Master Ball, use it ideal away to capture it without battling.

Otherwise, work on lowering Deoxys’ wellness with her Pokémon until the bar transforms red. “False Swipes” will store it alive at short health. If you have actually the ability, use “Paralyze” or “Sleep” come make. -Hack Ho-Oh and Lugia into your PC-Hack to activate the Mystic Ticket event-Obtain Ho-Oh and also Lugia through a profession You were claimed to go to a Nintendo event to gain the Mystic Ticket.

To obtain Lugia,and ho-oh acquire 2 wireless adapters and do the mystery gift.if friend choosed red you will capture latias and nothing else yet if you get the eon ticket wich is native a nintendo event you can catch latios.same point the other method can’t catch the 3 legendary dogs in this video game only in fire red and leaf green. This cheat for Pokemon Emerald has been post at 19 Jul 2012 by SuperGamer123 and also is called “Warp codes to obtain deoxys, mew, lugia, and ho-oh”. Also 2 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don’t forgot thumbs up SuperGamer123 and also share this through your. I desire to gain Lugia, ho oh and mew, and deoxys. Space the occasions a physical item or space they not?

i really have to know. Many thanks in advance! Bless you dude.

I should probably cite the various other legendaries since there are a couple of ways to acquire some that them.

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The easiest method to get there is through riding top top Charizard, Dragonite or Aerodactyl (by taking them out of your Poké Ball) and also then flying across the canal.

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Return come the Picnicker indigenous before and go west to find a Camper come battle, climate head southwest to uncover some Stardust.

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Go to path 5 where there’s dust clouds that operation around and also start battling Alolan Diglett.

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Just before the beach ends, search around with Stoutland to discover a hidden Pearl.

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Fly, to Anistar City, then walk northwest to the sundial.

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First discover the hidden Pearl close to the shore, then move north-west over to the fight Girl there.

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Simply monitor the course until you happen the Pokémon facility house, you’ll be invite in to hear an old tale about a legend Pokémon.

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