A brand-new sinister menace has been discovered by lennythewonderdog.netca’s three peak spies, yet now the spies have vanished! girlfriend will need the skills of a shrewd spy to rescue them and discover every the clues. Obtain ready because that gadgets, sneaky moves, and also hair raising adventures!

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Released: September 9, 2008Common Room: The Hair ClubPreceded by: Super strength IslandSucceeded by: Nabooti Island

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Video Walkthrough

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Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough created by Slanted FishSpecial thanks to: Rainbow Bird, Mitchell Brett, Alex, Brave Tomato, Spotted Dragon, PopBuddies, lucky Joker & Invisible Ring

Welcome come Spy Island, too ~ agent. You’re in because that a wild adventure.

Enter the spy headquarters and also jump as much as the optimal where the green-and-black screen is. Talk to manager D and also get the Decoder Kit from him.


Then he will certainly go upstairs. Exit the eye doctor’s building, climb the ladder to the left till you see a door, and also enter it. Once inside, talk to Dr. Spyglass again and also he will offer you a Chameleon Suit that will make you virtually invisible.



The very first Spy

Go come the Docks and also get the article from the male in the trash can. That will give you a blog post that says, “There’s a an enig entrance to the warehouse on THE ROOF.”

Put on your chameleon suit, and also in this area, climb together high together you can while avoiding the B.A.D. guards, because if girlfriend bump into them, they will knock friend over! Be careful; they can see you once you move. You’ll discover a door. Go in and also continue. (Remember to it is in wearing her chameleon suit.)


Beware of the B.A.D. Guard dogs (Fang, Slasher, and also Fluffy). They’ll bite friend if you acquire too close. If you gain knocked over, you end up ~ above the floor over you, so it is in careful. Eventually, you’ll with a room you have the right to go inside.

Go previous the dog by wade carefully. Stop as soon as they acquire close. Lock can’t check out you due to the fact that of your suit, and they will certainly walk on previous you. Do this through all the dogs. At the bottom, walk left.


You must see some tiny platforms above you. Acquire on them, and also jump to the various other side. You should have landed in a small hidden room. Speak to the tied up spy there to complimentary him.



He will offer you a Laser Pen and also a satellite clue.

The 2nd Spy

Now leave the warehouse and go earlier to key Street. Then walk all the means to the right and go come Balding Avenue. If you proceed to the ideal you will see a guy wearing green camouflage. Speak to him and he’ll give you a message that says, “There’s a height B.A.D. Agent in BISTRO.”

B.A.D. Bistro

To access the B.A.D. Control center, you’ll need a B.A.D. Agent’s fingerprint. Store going appropriate until you get to a little restaurant dubbed the B.A.D. Bistro. Take off her suit and walk in (the chameleon suit isn’t allowed inside). Walk all the way to the ideal to the kitchen and talk to the chef.


When you acquire to the top, you’ll find a window with bars in prior of it. Acquire in former of the home window and it will display a close-up of the window. Your mouse is currently the laser pen. Click on the bars come cut them to pieces, climate enter.


Now press it come the flower pad on the ground and it will certainly bounce to a greater floor. Gain on the floor and also push it come the left until it falls on the lower platform. Press it onto the other bouncy flower pad and it will go come a higher platform.


(Watch out for the flytraps. They will litter you off!) go to the platform, and finally, to the cage v the spy certified dealer girl trapped inside.

Now push the cherry bomb in prior of the cage and also wait till it blows up. When it does, the cage door breaks and the last spy will certainly be freed.


The spy will provide you a pair that Ultra-Vision Goggles and also the last satellite clue.

Defeating manager D.

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Now leave the greenhouse and also go ago to Balding Avenue. Go best past Toupee Terrace, all the way to the ideal again till you reach the B.A.D. Manage center. Right here you’ll require to put on your ultra-vision goggles. You will watch that the zaps space timed, so friend will know when that is safe to move.