Have you to be frantically looking the miscellaneous islands that the Alola region, hope to record a Pikachu? Sure, it have the right to happen, he’s the end there somewhere. But you understand what’s a lot easier? capturing a Pichu and evolving it. In fact, friend probably already have one, having actually stumbled throughout it in her travels through the game (if you don’t have actually one then click here). To aid out, here’s our overview on how to evolve Pichu and also get Alolan Raichu in Pokemon Sun and also Moon.

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Pichu is unlike most other Pokemon in Sun and also Moon, in that he won’t evolve just since you level him up. Lot like how to evolve Munchlax, you need to emphasis on a surprise stat: his happiness. Essentially, if girlfriend treat this rarely Pokémon right, caring for him, and keeping him through you at all times, he’ll come to be happy and eventually evolve into Pikachu.

Make sure you feed Pichu berries whenever possible, together this will boost his happiness and also his affection towards you. Also, do Pichu host the soothing Bell, assuming you don’t need it anymore for her Munchlax, as this calms him and makes him an ext friendly. Finally, save him on her team, use him in battle, yet be really sure not to let him faint.

Doing all of this will increase Pichu’s happiness and also his friendliness level towards you. In ~ a particular point friend can inspect this stat, however it is means later in the game, so most likely not worth worrying about. Just focus on these things and also his stats must rise high enough. It still bring away jumping a level because that Pichu come evolve right into Pikachu though, so store using the in battles and leveling him up. In ~ a particular point he’ll evolve ~ above his own.

After that it’s up to you when to evolve Pikachu next, just provide him a Thunder rock to trigger it and also you’ll end up v a quite Alolan Raichu.

- This article was update on February 16th, 2018

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