I have actually an older GE water heater that I"m sure has never had actually the anode replaced in it. Decided to replace it therefore I have the right to hopefully acquire some much more years out of it.

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It bring away a 1 1/16" socket through a breaker bar to gain it out. I offered a 12 allude socket socket ~ above the 6 allude head and it began to round so i went out and also found a 6 suggest socket. It proceeded to round off the bolt head. I knew this sucker to be going to be difficult to acquire out however now the looks like I"m screwed. Is there anything I deserve to do to get the anode out now? I have a small MIG and I even thought around welding miscellaneous on the bolt head and then utilizing that to gain it out but I"m no sure just how ell the will occupational or how smart it is to weld ~ above an electric water heater.Any ideas? Thinking about just returning the brand-new anode i bought for a loss and also running it till it rusts out due to anode failure.
If i couldn"t acquire the thing out after i soaked it through PB blaster and also cranked ~ above it through a collection of on slide lock pliers, I"d return my brand-new anode and just replace the stupid heater 1,2, 5 years down the road.Nothing choose trying to deal with something together a preventative measure, and transforming the project into a cluster....
i think that"s what I"m going come do. Refilling the tank now, screw it. At least I flushed it.
It can be a PITA to get it out. I always pull mine when new, and use part Anti-Sieze ~ above the threads.You could shot using some extractors. Favor these
Quoted:Any ideas? Thinking around just return the brand-new anode i bought because that a loss and running it till it rusts out as result of anode failure.
a 6pt affect socket and an impact wrench.honestly i gave my anode the ol" college shot with a lengthy handled breaker bar yet the entire water heater desires to move. The impact wrench go the task in 2 seconds.writeup:http://www.lennythewonderdog.net/archive/topic.html?b=1&f=139&t=1094850ar-jedi

lock are placed in with around 250-300 FP the torque. There is no a good impact, they space a PITA to acquire out. OP, if the bolt head is rounded out, simply forget it, it"s just not worth it.
Tag. HAven"t checked my anode lately. Tried once, and also it was also friggin tight. Didn"t understand what size socket come use.... But now that ns do...might have to shot tonight.
Quoted:Tag. HAven"t confirm my anode lately. Tried once, and also it was as well friggin tight. Didn"t understand what size socket to use.... But now that i do...might have actually to shot tonight.

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Leave the 12 allude one in the tool box. Ns drove to northern tool to get a 6 point. Ns think the if I had actually used a 6 suggest in the first place, i wouldn"t have had this problem.I"m going to take that italian guy"s idea and use it for my next water heater. As shortly as ns take it out of the box, I"m walking to ease the anode and coat it v antiseize and also a couple of loops of PTFE.
What is the function of a 12-point socket anyway?Serious inquiry - deserve to it execute something a 6-point socket can"t do? (Except strip a hex screw head more efficiently?)