As you come in the city and also approach the Poké Mart, might will arise from the Mart, marvelling at the dimension of the city. She’ll likewise note to you the Pokémon Gym before leaving. Anyhow, head for the Mart first; inside, speak with the guy next come the counter to earn TM54 (False Swipe)!

False Swipe is an invaluable relocate when attempting to capture Pokémon - well, non-Ghost Pokémon - as it cannot KO a Pokémon, lowering that HP as low as 1, which substantially increases the odds to record it, specifically when in conjunction v the Paralysis or Sleep ailments!

From the northern Pokémon Center, go west one house and also speak v the guy within. The will offer you HM01 (Cut). HMs room a bit various from TMs; when they execute teach moves, so long as the ideal Badge is obtained, the HM move is usable in the field!

Cut is a pretty negative Normal-type move (50 Power) but it does allow you reduced down trees as soon as you obtain the stone Badge, i m sorry is clear helpful.

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In the structure east of the Poké Mart, you can uncover the Pokémon Trainers’ School. Feel free to brush increase on some basics there; friend can likewise speak through the guy at the desk to get the Quick Claw .

The fast Claw is well, it’s an it s okay item because that Pokémon who space only about average, however Pokémon the are above average won’t really should bother v it. Plus, it just works 3/16 of the moment (so lengthy as the enemy isn’t utilizing a a higher priority relocate like fast Attack) i m sorry isn’t as well reliable.

Next enter the home north that the Center and also the Mart, the building which houses plenty of of the Devon Corp’s employees. Go to the 2nd floor and speak v the Ace Trainer over there to gain a Float Stone , things that halves the holder’s weight. (It’s in reality not as well useful; very few moves consider weight.)


Next, head northeast to the Pokémon Gym, and enter the house to the east of it. If friend speak with the little kid there, he’ll complain that civilization laugh in ~ him whenever he says his Makuhita’s nickname, and also wants friend to offer him a Slakoth in exchange to prevent the shame.

It’s completely a trade upwards for you, therefore you could as well. Makuhita have the right to be a kind Fighting Pokémon, though there are rather a few better ones and also Makuhita can be naturally recorded later on.

Anyhow. Ago to business. Walk west indigenous there and north follow me the road for a bit and head ~ above Route 115 to the north if you desire to, or Route 116 to the east.

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Take a watch at least at the latter Route to build levels for the upcoming Rustboro Gym, specifically if you’re using Torchic. If you’re utilizing Torchic and don’t have Wingull or Shroomish, you’ll desire Torchic come hit Level 16 shortly to evolve into the Fighting/Fire Combusken.