put a seveiper in her front place and also look in the patch beside lannette"s house...if girlfriend don"t uncover one... Store LOOKING!!!!!!!i uncover one too

i have actually a seviper in my very first pokemon party box and also looked on route 114 and its no there.can you help me

I tried come look at the appropriate of Lanettes house,but there is nothing!Then (after one hour)i saw the left side.And over there is...................nothing!!!

yup that jst bullshit girlfriend cant have zangoose in emerald because you can hear the from theman close to the cave where you watch bunch that solrock behind entrance he has actually a zan goose hesays "i have this rarely pokemon that keeps me satisfied" so its solved

i read some trash the if u obtain the walkthru walls code and also gobehind the daycare in thatpatch directly behind the he is therei didnt try it yet

I uncovered one on path 114 simply put the seviper in your an initial party. I discovered it once however ionly had one unfainted pokemon so that beat me, i was too dumb to usage an ultra ball. Afterthat ns couldn"t uncover it again, yet then choose a week later i discovered one and also this time i gotit

Ffs human being when u have a seviper in ur pokemon party make sure that u additionally have a pokemonthat to know sweet scent and get a white flute indigenous the glass male by collecting a most ashfrom of the grassy locations b4 fallbour town then go to the next of lanette"s house go intothe grassy job then usage the white flute, then use sweet scent because zangoose is rarein pokemon emerald and to those the say u can"t catch zangoose in emerald castle don"t know*** for this reason don"t lisern come them since i recorded a zangoose in pokemon emerald more timesthen they can get layed by girls

B76f859f efc5e795This only works because that gba 4 ios 2.0 gameshark pokemon emeraldFirst time i supplied this password it lagged badly, for this reason save prior to you enable it. Disable the thenload your video game again run through grass and also you need to see zangoose show up within a fewtries. Make sure the surname actually states zangoose once you encounter, periodically it willshow a zangoose avatar however the name is of a various pokemon favor lotad. Additionally you mayexperience crashing so conserve every second once you encounter the actual thing, if you acquire achance save using the in game menu. Over there is no means to legitimately get zangoose inpokemon emerald.

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Go come fortree or lillycove, get in the high grass and use sweet odor (or if youcollected enough ash for the white flute you can use that too)now just take a couple of stepsand one have to appear virtually instantly. Ns was having actually a hard time detect one myself, butwhile i was in ~ e3 (i was acquiring an eon ticket in ~ the time) among the employees teach methis small trick to capture zangoose. Great luck, expect your brand-new zangoose will bring you asmuch happiness as the did come the old male near the earlier entrance come meteor cave

Okay therefore i have actually seviper in the front, i have actually sweet scent, and also i"m closest come the house onroute 114. What now?

I already found top top the left side of lilycove near the girl that is providing berry everydaytry, just walk in the tall grass and be patient..

Wala ng pag-ibig sa mundong ibabaw kailangan ang pag ibig sa mundo natin mga dude in ~ dadeikalat sa mundo ang pag ibig ipairal natin halellujah sa ngalan ng pokemon banat lang ngbanat ,hanap lang ng hanap makikita mo rin ang hinahanap moYahooo!!!

Go behind lannete"s house, collection seviper in front, try to uncover him close to berries, anyway,seviper can be recorded in lannete"s grass area either

I make the efforts to capture zangoose for half an hour behind lanette,s house with seviper in frontbut i don"t find it



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