i have actually tried 2 grind and i have actually succeded a couple times yet idk what ns did. I also lost the tiny book thing that came v it. For this reason idk what 2 do and also i really require 2 know how 2 grind for the sand level on the bablyon story mode.

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the missons in sonic ridersi have actually completed all of storms missions except for the grindingones and also i have actually started tide missions.one more ? exactly how do i unlock the prizes in mission i have the heavy boeard and its manuelbut i have actually either the plank or the reapair manuel 4 the other 3 i have actually treasure ab "sboard and also d"s fix mauel

On gamecube you have to press A 2 times,on ps2 you need to press x 2 times however on xbox ns don"t know.Hope the helped

near the finish of lap 3 after the aircraft ride the marker will say friend are very first even if youwere coming last. In othern indigenous you victory by finishing the race

i alwas faild to grind however some timmes i suseed one linc after i level increase in splash canionit is wierd however my small brother deserve to do the by simply pressing x butten in two rails atevery place exept in dark desert half in jump trick + grind that oucmatic grind i just say togrind is unique tecnic for special world :( why only my small brother deserve to grind in twolines there is no leveling increase ???

Welll... Idunno how to run high in the steel city in ~ the end and also i have to get the lastjunk item in storm mission 2. Plz phone call the ps2 buttons in information how come jump that high

This is a 50/50 chance yet if you hold a/x just prior to you collect the an initial piece the junkand release once you obtain to the orange bit of the ramp, you should gain there! If you wantthe high place at the finish you hold down jump around a few meters far from the jump, thenrelease at the orange bit, it have to work.

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