I have a yd gx150 that i would like to walk a tiny faster, have the right to anyone indicate anything? I obtained it native my action dad. Mine younger brothers thought it was to slow. I also am the greatest kid my wife has to deal with and would choose it to it is in faster. We have a smaller sized one for my youngsters i would prefer this to be one for when they acquire a small bigger.

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Start v an intake kit and also 125 key jet to help the the engine breathe better. Add 10g rollers and also a 1500 RPM torque spring for much better transmission response. In ~ this point, you should see a marked difference in performance.
2006 Tank metropolitan Touring 150SE6" entry plenum, 1.5" UNI filter, k & n precharger, 130 key jet, NGK Iridium IX CR7HIX spark plug, MRP yellow flexible CDI, Orange high calculation coil, 14Ah sealed battery, 2000 RPM red speak spring, Koso 115mm variator, Dr sheave 12g sliders


i have actually the rollers and also spring in already. Still requirements something. Is the a larger jet, and much better intake?

I guess it all relies on what you mean by a tiny faster. I have never been able to get more than 34-36 mph out of mine. The was through the stock 31 tooth sprocket. I have actually read of civilization claiming 40+ yet I have never checked out that. My kart is not much much faster now through all the adjustments than that was once it was stock it just gets over there a lot quicker and also starts and runs so lot smoother. It is quicker and also smoother off the line and also starts and idles much better than the did stock. I think pghruby sugestion that a 125 jet is appropriate on if you space only transforming to a UNI air filter and also live below 1000-1500ft elivation. If you are higher than that and/or modify the exhaust also then you could have to experiment with the jet size. Ns finally resolved on a 140. Ns am in ~ 750 ft and also have a modification exhaust together well. You cant make a silk purse the end of a sows ear so if friend are trying to find tire smoke and also highway speeds the 150 is not going to gain you there.

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2004 3206BD HP coil,CDI,ball joints,clutch,variator,1500 spring, 10gram rollers, reverse, HD chain tentioner,HD axle through 39 tooth and also 31 this sprocket, former 4x4 hubs and wheels,22 customs kenda behind tires,Uni filter with outerware prefilter, chain sprocket and also rotor guard, tie rod extentions, convertable top,BD rear springs, BD 3 customs lift ft springs,BD HD spindles530 O ring chain, 140 jet, pilot screw the end 23/4 turns, FMF exhaust, NGK iridium plug, passenger chair sliders, Schucks seat covers, Schwinn speedo, 1/4 inch magnets included to drainpipe plugs in engine and also transmission and also under filter screen,3/8 clear gas line and also filter, gas closeup of the door off, marker irradiate conected thru the brake switch for rear brake lights. Two stage foam filter ~ above CVT wait intake, RPM/hour meter, 4 allude Joyner seat belts, little K&N filter top top crank instance vent, keyed ignition,14la2 battery