If you want to learn easy magic tricks you HAVE to discover this effect. Once you do this cheat spectators reaction are remarkable - the blows peoples minds!


THE EFFECT: A obtained bill is folded into a tiny packet and also placed ~ above your open palm. Unexpectedly under your command it starts to move, but is doesn"t simply move it starts to climb from your hand! Amazingly that rises up, back down again and even floats native one hand to the other!

At all times you circle her hands around, under and over the keep in mind dispelling all thoughts of that is done. Lastly you unfold the note and also hand it ago to the spectator in specifically the same problem it to be received.

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Do you prefer easy magic tricks? This is an amazing illusion so easy to do! clock the effect in activity below then find out the secret...

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THE SECRET: The mystery to among my favourite easy magic top is Magician"s object or otherwise known as Invisible Thread. This is basically just really thin thread, so slim it is virtually invisible. You have the right to pick this up in my magic keep HERE.

In rule this impact is very comparable to the bottle Cap Levitation in that it utilizes Invisible Thread. When you have actually your thread break off around an arms length and attach a piece of clean tape come both ends. Wrinkles the tape onto it"s self trapping the object in the tape. Check out (pic1) below.


This help you to uncover the thread as it is really hard come see. When you perform the trick you should use one anchor to stick the object to. Currently this deserve to be pretty lot anything as long as it has some weight to it however can be conveniently picked up as soon as you have actually finished floating the note.

In my instance I use a pack of play cards to affix one finish of the thread to with more clear tape. You might use a wallet, glass, mobile phone call etc. You need to location the other finish of the thread into your mouth. Place it between your cheek and lower gum therefore you can still talk comfortably.

TIP: conversely you deserve to use magicians wax attached to both ends of the invisible thread, this works well together an impromptu technique - the wax have the right to be stuck to practically anything on the fly. But do not place the other finish into your mouth. (That would taste disgusting!) Instead attach it to the earlier of your ear.


When you are ready borrow a bill from a spectator, take it the bill and also fold it approximately the invisible thread and also place that on your hand. To do the invoice float merely mover her head ago slightly. This will cause the thread come straighten make the bill show up to float.

Move your hands roughly the note to prove over there is nothing supporting it. Watch (pic2). To do the note float indigenous one hand to the other simply move her head progressively from side to side. All attention will be ~ above the keep in mind so her slight motions will not be noticed. Psychic only relocate your head slowly, no sudden moves this damages the effect.

Easy magic tricks prefer this are so fun to perform. Particularly if you throw your spectators turn off the odor by saying your space floating the bill through static electricity!

TIP: as soon as something is viewed to "levitate" people immediately assume strings should be comes from the optimal of the object. The fact that the thread actually goes with the center method you deserve to wave her hands over and listed below it which acts together a great convincer.

TIP: You perform not need to float a invoice you could use a piece of paper, receipt or napkin. A napkin would be more appropriate if you to be at a restaurant for example.

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TIP: If you"re prefer me and also enjoy easy magic top be sure to check out these cool levitation effects.

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