Anyone else out there converting mods from pc to xbox 360 (RGH)? I've porting a few successfully but I'm having problems with mods that use tradition sounds. Has actually anyone out there converted mode sounds come a layout that works in Oblivion favor XMA?


How complicated is that to carry out the RGH on an xbox 360? It's no too bad depending on your soldering ability. There are some little points come solder to. Checkout to find some great video tutorials if you're interested.

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I’ve been considering trying the end mods because that the 360 variation of Oblivion...I’ve tried every little thing I can find multiple times but I just can’t gain the pc version controls come feel like the Xbox. Ns was hoping for part ini tweaks, unofficialize patch and also some miscellaneous fixes to play the vanilla version with aboriginal controller support, that seems favor too lot work though.

It is a pain and most mods have actually some mesh/texture issues, yet to me the suffer is for this reason much far better on a console. As soon as I figure out a definitive mode list through decent compatibility I’d prefer to fix all the worries the mods have actually on the Xbox (meshes, sounds, filenames the exceed the character limit, etc.) and host a download link for the mode somewhere. However I think castle are only like 3 of united state out there that even treatment to mod Oblivion on the 360.

It’s probably due to the fact that it wasn’t possible when it very first came out. I remember being on the Elder Scrolls forums approximately 08-09 and also there were constantly threads around console mods. This was mor climate a decade ago, so ns assuming human being don’t want to perform a rapid google search, or the PC master race is kicking in.

As far as mode go, I’d have actually to give it some thought. Through Skyrim, I solved things together I went follow me without trying to break too much. Ns would definitely like:

Unofficial patch

Interior bright mod

Something to remove stuttering outdoors

Something to boost AI

Add the missing song and also maybe a little bit of lore-friendly music

Some of this things are probably minimal by hardware. Playing fallout 4 at 60fps ~ above PC compared to the Xbox one variation was immensely better. Ns don’t think that would be feasible unless i went the One X route.

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