The Zelda game You can not Play no longer (and more than likely Never played to being With) many Legend that Zelda titles room mass-marketed with physical availability, however this one had actually very restricted releases and is now lost to the digital age.

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The Legend the Zelda is an great franchise, yet it isn"t there is no its flops. While the bulk of its gamings have been hits, there space a few hidden in the shadows that Link"s pots -- and also Four Swords for Gameboy advancement (and the DSiWare Anniversary Edition) is among them. Few people have played this title, no just since of its minimal availability throughout two releases, yet because it to be a multiplayer video game ahead of its time.

In theory, a co-op Zelda location sounds like it could be a most fun. The problem is that this idea manifested earlier in 2002 ~ above the GBA, a handheld console that still relied ~ above the relic Gameboy connect Cable. The Anniversary Edition re-released ~ above the DSi"s virtual store, but few used this feature and also it was just out because that a limited time. Due to the fact that the DS keep is lengthy gone, detect this game is a rarity.

Four Swords first released paired v the A connect to the Past amplified GBA port, which was what most fans were much more interested in. The Four Swords multiplayer adventure was sort of one add-on that required civilization to play with friends detailed they had actually two games, two systems and one or an ext Link Cables.

It make the game nearly unplayable, since Zelda is a series established together a single-player experience, not a multiplayer one. Even Pokémon, with gamings which likely obtained the most use out of the connect Cable for trading and also battling, allowed players to gain the main video game in single-player. Unfortunately, playing Four Swords unlocked extra features in A connect to the Past, which sadly plenty of missed out on. Four Swords left a bad mark on what was supposed to it is in a great remaster.

Oddly enough, the game is still considered canonical come the Zelda universe, despite few having played it. The game tasks connect with beating a powerful wind sorcerer called Vaati who has awakened and also kidnapped Princess Zelda. Fairly than the standard master Sword, link uses the four Sword, which create three duplicates of him and also sets the end to save the Princess. It"s a fairly conventional Zelda story, minus Ganon and the Triforce -- although that component of the story was continued in Four Swords Adventures ~ above the GameCube.

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As part of The Legend of Zelda"s 25th anniversary, Four Swords received a stand-alone, digital anniversary edition that was easily accessible on the DSi Shop and also Nintendo eShop for the 3DS between September 2011 and also February 2012. Nintendo fixed the initial problem with the game by adding a single-player mode where only two web links were used, make the video game playable for most.

However, this expected the player had to babysit the alter-Link as the gameplay still needs teamwork. Despite the game being intended because that multiplayer, it didn"t assistance it online definition players still had actually to be together to play. While the main difficulty with the game was solved, its quick release window meant many never download it.

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Later in 2014, because that a single week between January and February, the video game was made cost-free for download with the Nintendo eShop top top 3DS as soon as again to promote A Link in between Worlds. Unfortunately, Four Swords just never had the timing to be a viable, multiplayer Zelda game.